photo(1)Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog an important message she recieved from Guidance recently. An uplifting reminder to cherish every breath we take.

Dearest Children of the Light,

I am all around round you and move constantly through you.

I am your Mother Father.
The one who gives you breath, the one that gives you life.

It is time to listen, ever more carefully to the beating of your heart.

To appreciate this gift of life so you do not fritter it away. So that each breath becomes more meaningful and you begin to breathe with me. Connecting deeper to your heart, to your true life purpose, the true meaning for your incarnation.

Do not waste this time. It will not return again. You are the only one who can make time for me, or who can cast me aside as something to attend to or not. Be mindful of me. I am with you every moment of every day. I never abandon you yet you so quickly abandon me to a time that suits you. Until you are on your knees, some of you will refuse to connect with me.

Remember to acknowledge me in times of joy and upliftment, so your only communication with me is not in times of resistance and pain. Through this you will find a place of peace and paradise within you heart.

Through recognizing and acknowledging me you will connect ever deeper to that Divine aspect of you. You will begin to feel your Glory and take your true place in this world.

For you are loved.

Words received by:
Lynne Shaw
Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
New York, USA