Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher, Sephora McElroy unveils to the Blog her amazing all new Emerald Heart Animal Healing Programs. These programs have already shown great results. Read on to find out more.

A new system is born – The Emerald Heart Animal Healing Program

I have worked with the Emerald Heart Light for many years and over this time I have given Essences not only to humans, but to cats, dogs and horses as well. As I am a big horse person I have gained a lot of experience of using them with horses. Over the years a system came together for working with animals as I do a special visualisation and welcome for the Emerald Heart Light and of course I give them Essences to work on their issues. Over the years I found out that it‘s always best, if possible, to work with the owner and the animal simultaneously.

The Power of This System
I want to explain how powerful this system is by telling you of an experience with one of my own horses. My mare delivered her foal in May and at first everything seemed fine and went well. But the next morning we found the little foal cramping and it threw itself from one side to the other. It was clear that something very challenging was happening. I quickly decided to drive to the veterinarian hospital. The faces of the doctors were very serious and they had to operate quickly. They could not make me any promises that everything would be fine because the foal’s first faeces did not come out and its colon was closed.

Before we drove off and then every day after, I used my Emerald Heart Animal Healing Program with the little foal and gave him Emerald Heart Essences. The doctors were really surprised and very pleased with how quickly he recovered. I was able to take him home after a few days, much sooner than they thought possible. Since then there have been no problems at all and he is a lovely and strong little stallion.

I have put this story on YouTube if you would like to see it. It is in German, but even if you do not understand me, you might want to see the little foal.


The Light helped
Over the years the light has helped the animals a lot. There were horses that were full of fear and were running away from humans, other horses or “scary” things. The light helped them to find a better connection and even though they have by nature a response to flee when something is unknown, this healing system helped the animals to trust more and feel safer.

How to Find Out More
If you want to know more about the Emerald Heart Animal Healing System don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I can do consultations at a distance over the Phone or Skype, so it’s not necessary to see the animal personally. Or if you are interested to learn the Emerald Heart Animal Healing Program, I teach courses in German and English.
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With all my Love and Blessings,

Sephora McElroy
Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
Bensheim, Germany