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David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light and Emerald Heart School Founder, shares with the Blog, new developments that are happening within the Emerald Heart School.

Dear Spiritual Seekers,


Some of you may have noticed recently that Tim Dyson is now Principle of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and you may be wondering has Dave been bumped off or hidden in the cellar, or even been transported to Australia, as the British Government used to do with undesireables in the old days, not so long ago.

Well it is none of those things, I am happy to say, but I did feel that someone should say something about the changes.

The only way anything lives is by feeding it and giving it what it needs. I may have been the one who was chosen to bring The Emerald Heart Light into our earth realm, for the Earth Mother as well as those of us who wish to transform ourselves and open our hearts with and to the Light. I was also the one who founded the School so that the Light had a platform. During this journey of almost eleven years, we have taught many people many things about the nature of evolution. Some have trained as teachers and some have even become Elders of the School.

The School has been fed with all the right ingredients and is now a growing and thriving being in its own right. It is established, strong and continues to grow with those interested in reading the teachings.

So, the Universe decided that it was time for me to go, to leave the Elders to it, so that they can continue to grow within the Light that is The Emerald Heart and Tim was the right person to take it forward as leader of the pack, ably supported by Lynne Shaw (New York and Colombia), Ian Mills (Sweden), Florence Zumbihl (Switzerland), Harriet Kroon (The Netherlands), Yvonne Hrdy (Munich, Germany), Rosa Hultman (Sweden), Sephora McElroy (Frankfurt, Germany). As you can see, there is a strong international foundation that anchors the Light into our world.

It has been an incredible journey that began in September 2004, when my Guidance asked me to close the door and walk away from my amazing healing practice. Once I had walked away, wondering where I was going next and what I was going to do, I was then given The Emerald Heart Light in January of 2005 and a new journey of inner transformation began.

So, things have gone full circle and I am again being asked to walk away, but this time I have left behind the most amazing gift to humanity and our Earth Mother – The Light of The Emerald Heart, and I have left it in safe hands.

Here I am again, wondering where I am going and what I will do next. Until things become clearer, if ever, I will continue to work with a few clients, do some Shamanic Earth Healing and write, bringing certain things up to date to complete the foundation of my work that can be left and carried on by others.

I may even be allowed to write the odd piece for the Blog, if I behave myself.

In the meantime, it is my great honour to pass the baton to Tim Dyson, who has been my close companion on this journey for many years, as have some of our other Elders. I wish them all a continued and interesting journey of unfoldment as they learn to carry the Light into the world.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings to you all for this New Solar Year, 2016.

Dave Ashworth