Rosa Hultman1Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment Teacher and Elder, Rosa Hultman, unveils her new range of Essences and gives more information regarding ‘The Black Light’ and how it will be included for those who wish to share it in the exciting New 13 Moons of Transformation Course.

13 Moons of Transformation

The first 13 Moons of Transformation Course is coming to completion and each and every one of us who has taken this journey, has experienced change. For myself, being an Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and one of the teachers of this course, the Light has pushed me to let go of so much I no longer needed both on a mental as well as material level. In the wake of letting go I have opened up for my deeper consciousness to align more and more with this amazing, blazing Light and as Tim said in his last Blog article – we start to become the Light and the Light starts to become us.

The birth of The Wisdom of Sophia Emerald Heart essences
Through this process of becoming the Light, my heart has opened to such an extent that a new range of essences has been born; the Wisdom of Sophia essences. The first in the line of those new essences is a mother/daughter range – called the Rose Mary line with currently 6 daughter essences and a mother essence.

The Essences are birthed by the Divine Mother
The Wisdom of Sophia reveals unlimited feminine powers and the Emerald Heart essence range Wisdom of Sophia contains those unlimited powers. This range of essences has several layers and originates from the source of Lightless Light, and it is being nurtured and birthed by the Divine Mother. Thus this essence range carries the signature of the I AM, the “I” the Eternal Father. The “am” – the power of the Father to experience himself – this is through the Mother.

– “The one cannot exist without the other, the one cannot become whole without the other”.

The signature of the I AM is a light the Emerald Heart School has come to call “ the Black Light”.

Guidance announced the birth of the Daughters as follows:
As you can see we have presented to you essences from a mother – daughter line. They are presented from a mother – daughter line as they are the daughters of Life´s longing for itself. These are essences from the Rose Mary line. You will hold this line in your heart but it is not of you. There are to be no attachments and the reason you are now ready to carry this gift is your humility and awakened heart-consciousness. You have to nurture your daughters in order to give them life. You have to carry them in your heart basking them with the Light of your soul and the Light of the Emerald Heart. But remember that though they are your children, they are not yours. They do not come from you, they come through you and though they are with you they do not belong to you. When they are ready to be born, the mother, the Holy Rose will emerge and you will know.

The upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation 2016 starts in April
To more and more become the Light implies that the consciousness of the Elders is to a greater degree reflected in the Emerald Heart Light. With regard to the upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation course that will be held by the Elders, the different levels of God-consciousness reflected through each and every one of them, will be held available for anyone that decides to participate. Like the Wisdom of Sophia, the “Black Light”, – the I AM a vast transcendent cosmic awareness, filled with bliss and power arising from the source of Mother.
Guidance is given to introduce the Wisdom of Sophia essences and the “Black Light” in the upcoming 13 Moons of Transformation but this does not mean one has to sign up with me to gain access to the “Black Light”. It is reflected in the Light of the Emerald Heart.

So my request to you all today is:
Give yourself the gift of 13 Moons of Transformation

I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart

Rosa Hultman, Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, Tranas, Sweden