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Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment, shares with the Blog how he sees self investment and how closely that level of investment matches the individuals drive for change.

Do we really feel worthy to change and step into the next version of ourselves?

The Importance of Investing in Ourselves
I feel a key point to realise is that when we invest in ourselves, in our own development, we activate the Law of Reflection. We send out the message that I am worth it, that I have value, that I consider it worthwhile to spend money on my growth. The Universe then responds via the Law of Reflection to aid you in that endeavour. The Guides of the Emerald Heart, even go as far as to pledge that any exchange you make for your growth working through the Emerald Heart will be given back to you in one way or another.

The Drive Inside
Perhaps one of the most important things that we can find within ourselves is our own drive for growth and change. Like most people, I have my own resistance, my own many fears, partly because I was so desperate for things to change I have always tried to do every course and retreat. To immerse myself in every way possible with whichever teacher I have been currently studying with. The other important reason is that I understood quite quickly on my Path that being in the light and energy of the teacher as much as possible and learning from them is the fastest way to grow and develop.
Sometimes it has saddened me over the years that many others don’t seem to have this same drive and I have always sought to impart something of my own drive to those who I have worked with over the years, to inspire them to find that sense within themselves.

Seizing Opportunities
The Buddhists say something along the lines of, ‘if we could only see for a second how important this life is, we would do nothing else other than seek to develop our awareness.’ We don’t advocate extremes and recognise that life has much to enjoy and take part in beyond the directly spiritual but I get what they are pointing at and it is a powerful way of expressing the point.

The 13 Moons
This isn’t some big sales pitch at all, but if you understand that the 13 Moons course that we are currently offering plugs you into the Flow of Light in such a way that you are taken on a transformational journey over the period of 13 New Moons why wouldn’t you want to take part if you have any possible way to do so. We are offering this course as a way to be connected continuously with the consciousness of the light without having to attend retreats, workshops or even have appointments because we know many people have busy lives.

Those With the Courage
Some very wise ones are even taking the course for a second time as they got so much from the first. Do they have much more money than everyone else? Well I know in nearly all of their cases that is not so, they simply recognise their own value and the value of the course and therefore are happy to invest in themselves.

Love & Blessings,
Tim Dyson
Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
London, England