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Emerald Heart Elder Ian Mills, shares with the Blog some good reasons to learn to recognize and bring forward even the most unsavoury aspects of ourselves. He feels that there has never been a more important time for self introspection and the old adage ‘know thyself’ is vital at this present time.

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Ian Mills – Integrating Our Shadow Selves

What is our shadow?

Our shadow selves can be loosely described as the less savory, unpleasant, awkward, angry, deceitful aspects of ourselves that we regularly ignore and do not vent. The square peg in societies well-crafted round hole. The psychotic inmate that we never allow to mix with others, except when it bursts out of its restraints and tries to escape from the prison of normality.  We are so concerned at what others will think that we rapidly sweep this representation of the shadier aspects of ourselves under the carpet so to speak, allowing no one to see it and trying to keep all calm and smiley as if we aren’t at all affected by this unwanted intrusion into the illusion of what we feel life should be.

Denying your shadow is denying yourself

These aspects are important parts of ourselves that have not been allowed the same attention as the nicer, more public friendly sides of our natures. Denying them is similar to denying your left leg because you don’t like the look of it. We would sooner hop on the leg we like, than embrace both legs in a balanced manner, making walking a lot easier.

At this important time of Ascension, when everyone is waking up to the truths that have been hidden for many thousands of years and the Earth mother is going through her own dimension shifts, it should be no surprise that as her children we are doing the same. This basically means that everything unsavory that has been hidden needs to be brought up to the Light and cleansed. You could say that our shadow is being forced upon us at this time, to allow us to acknowledge and integrate this concealed side of our nature.


I feel the very act of accepting that we have all been ‘the good the bad and the ugly’ is key to understanding that we, by the law of averages should not only be beings of love, light and positivity, but have been all and everything in between. This is the time when we must accept all facets of our true selves and forgive any conditioned responses to our perceived imbalance. 

Conditioned society / conditioned humans

Our modern society these days has no time for the mystic, the thinker, for those who wish to pause and digest how life is going and how they can use the time well to impact on things round them. It’s all about following someone else’s plan for you, how you should live effectively and efficiently in a clinical world, becoming a first rate consumer, paying your taxes and being Mr. or Mrs. smiley face. Staying positive and constantly being nice and the face of disempowerment, constant aggression, and manipulation by the state has become the norm.  The overpowering religions of the past few thousand years have also done their bit to feed fear and guilt into our psyche.

This then begs the question; what side is our shadow side?

We have a right to be angry; we have a need to rage against what we see as unfairness and unjust situations. We have an inner urge to express ourselves sexually. All these are normal feelings that have somehow become perverted in our eyes and suppressed.


yinyang1Freedom from emotional constraint comes when we embrace all aspects of ourselves from a neutral perspective. Treating ourselves with respect, love and kindness comes from accepting our extremes. A love and light zealot is just as harmful as a dark being intent on creating mayhem.

Truth lies in the balance between these two points, and acceptance of the fact that we are aspects of God incarnate living in a Universe teeming with life, will be key to bringing peace both to ourselves and the Earth.

Help at Hand

Recognizing these aspects as they arise and reaching out for help if they become overpowering as they crash with our version of reality, is key to staying in the flow during these exciting times. The Emerald Heart is ideally suited to assist and support you during this process.

See our Practitioners here: http://www.emerald-heart.com/practlist.php  

With Love,

Ian Mills

Emerald Heart Elder

Stockholm, Sweden