DARSHAN with David

You may have noticed that David has been a little absent since the turn of the year. He has been following guidance and had to step away for a while. It has been perhaps the most profound time of his spiritual path since his awakening some 25 years ago.

For the past 6 years he has been pushed through some monumental heart opening, cleansing and purification processes. At the end of 2015 these events brought him to the place where his heart opened to bring forth Darshan.

What is DARSHAN?

Darshan means a blessing given from the Divine through an evolved spiritual master delivered in a deeply personal manner. It offers a profoundly beneficial effect on the seeker as it initiates a process of further opening of their heart and consciousness. Different masters use different approaches reflecting their individual characters and callings. Some are well known Avatars, such as Amma the Hugging Saint or Mother Meera who holds the head and then looks deeply into the eyes.

The English Guru

David, whilst not being an Avatar has opened to the point where many consider him to be perhaps one of the first Western-born people to attain Guru-like abilities, having opened the Universe in 2005 and brought down a Light for the evolution of humanity. He has helped many to transform their lives with the Light.

This past half year has seen David develop a new process to help bring the Light of Darshan into the world.

♥  Weekly Distant DARHAN

Sitting in the comfort of your own home, you will receive a Divine Transmission of DARSHAN into your heart. This is a very powerful process and people report having quite profound experiences.

Register for the Weekly Distant Darshan in the website with your name and location and then be ready at the appointed time, sitting or lying down in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for around an hour.

For those who wish to receive the DARSHAN Blessing on a regular basis, once every 3 or 4 weeks would be sufficient.

Exchange:  £10.00 (by paypal only)

DARSHAN is transmitted to be received at 7.00pm (your local time) each Sunday evening.

To Register for the Weekly Distant DARSHAN or learn more about what David now offers, please visit David’s NEW website at: