Lynne currentEmerald Heart Teacher Lynne Shaw, shares with the Blog her strategies to leading an authentic life, one filled with gratitude, contentment and positivity.

We all have our righteous moments and Lynne offers insights around projecting our views upon others. We rarely understand what path the Universe has asked a person to take and presuming we know the answers for another can be misguided. 

How Can We Really Make a Difference?

It all comes down to living an authentic life. One that is true to our heart, which is our own inner compass.  Not really caring about the opinions of others or the accumulation of external goods.  The only person we can please is our self and it is important to appreciate and validate that our version of pleasing ourselves maybe very different from those of others.

Minding Your Own Business

It may sound simple, but an important principle is to mind our own business.  This is also a way of saying, “Don’t force your view of the world onto others.” Of course, it may at times be important to express our opinion when asked, or to assist someone who may be in distress, but there is a need to be able to recognize when something is our responsibility or when it is best for us to walk away. In an age where the loudest voice is often the only one to be heard, it is wonderful to be able to lead by example by agreeing to disagree where differences of opinion occur and it is important to still recognize the humanity of someone who does not share the same opinion as we do. Winning an argument does not make us any greater or lesser than the person we have been conversing with. At the moment people are being swept away by tidal waves of political opinion and it is so important to stay centred within ourselves.  To be the ship that stays upright in any situation.  We also do not know peoples’ karma and it is important to remember that the Universe has a plan for us all no matter how bizarrely it may sometimes seem to unfold.

Knowing How Powerful Your Thoughts and Words and Actions Are

Being conscious that what we think or say has consequences. Each thought form and word carries a particular energy, either positive or negative. It would be so beneficial if we all took responsibility not to fire our frustrations or negative thought forms onto anyone else.  For this negativity, particularly when bound up with emotions of hatred, envy, resentment and jealousy, can actually create damage in someone’s energy field if they are for any reason in a vulnerable state when the negative thought form is directed into their energetic field.

Having a Willingness to Evolve

Through acknowledging that we all move through difficult emotions as part of the human condition, we can train ourselves not to stuff our thoughts and emotions down when they feel uncomfortable. We can deal with them ourselves or through reaching out to get the guidance we need. This will ideally prevent our emotions from being expressed inappropriately, which makes a huge difference to our self and those around us.  Having the willingness to face the choices you made at the end of each day and if things do not feel comfortable to you, knowing that you have a new day to make amends and make different choices to step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Finding Contentment and Gratitude

Living a life without hurting yourself or others, filled with contentment and gratitude for all you experience really does make a difference. You become a beacon of light attracting more positivity into your world.

I wish you many beautiful moments on your journey as you continue to make a difference in our world!

With love,

Lynne Shaw

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Queens, New York USA