Where We are now

Modern living and the direction of societies seem to have conditioned some of us to accept the belief that selfish living should be applauded and admired. If this isn’t addressed, the natural community way of life we used to have may well be displaced by a fear based, competitive dog eat dog society.

Service to self

Greed has infested certain areas of life where some of us in unawareness have adopted a lifestyle detrimental to ourselves and our communities.

When we are left alone without the fear and conditioning of education, politics, religion and the media, I firmly believe we would naturally orientate ourselves to a shared ideal of community and service.

This is not promoting a form of communistic utopia, but more so a way of life that we can find engagement, self-worth and value from those around us while living in a community based on mutual understanding and commitment to everyone’s wellbeing.

Where is the Love?

Love appears to have been put on the back shelf and is now only allowed out and deemed acceptable for our nearest and dearest. The message of Love that humanity received from its various prophets over the centuries appears to have been repeatedly rewritten and misquoted which has lead to much confusion.


Transition of the Ages

Humanity has been passing through the Piscean age (also known as the 6th Ray) over the past 2000 years and is now entering the Aquarian Age (7th Ray). These ages have very different qualities about them. We could say we are moving from ME to WE

The Age of Pisces

The Piscean age was all about idealism, devotion to causes, ideals, single mindedness of purpose, reverence, and loyalty towards an object of devotion. The flip side of these qualities leads to zealotry and fanaticism, often accompanied by anger and violence, selfishness, separateness, self-deception, prejudice, superstition and jealousy.  No wonder it was a most bloodthirsty and fearful time with many wars and hate issues. A time of murder of our brothers, sisters, our planet and the sentient life we share her with.

This was possible only because most humans during this time were cut off from the divinity of their soul, as they were fully engrossed in the illusion of the material World.   Although this was a challenging era to live through with endless atrocities, we learned separateness and self-identity and developed a more integrated personality. Selfishness was a natural result of this process and that is what we see being stimulated in society today.

The Aquarian Age

The qualities that would be associated with the Aquarian Age include higher vision, an increased mental ability, a heightened awareness of illusion and truth and a greater understanding of the importance of unification and working together. This in turn would lead to peace, brother/sisterhood, unity, inclusivity and a dissolving of barriers and borders.

House Cleaning

As we are on the cusp of seeing the changes this new age will bring it is a very exciting time, but inevitably there will be reluctance to let go of control from the old paradigm and that is what we are seeing playing out now. We are dredging through and clearing all the dark stuff from the past 2000 years or so. It’s understandable this struggle of epochs will be a tough one as so many despicable deeds and actions by countries, organizations and individuals come up to the Light to be cleared. This new age is transmuting the darkness but it would help if we stop being in denial of our complacency and passive agreement to these terrible actions.

No shame, blame and guilt is required here, just an open mind-set ready to heal and move on from the old paradigm and all of its facets.

The Future

47c95209e2e283b0f2684c23c741ab14I for one am not expecting a totally smooth transition. Like all birthing processes, there is pain and discomfort, struggle and fear of the new. Once through the other side and we are fully engaged with the qualities the Aquarian age will stimulate in us, it could be said we will be living in a totally different World. One based on love, ethics, understanding, sharing, coming together, empathy and heightened awareness.

This is no idle pipe-dream, it’s happening now and we are all part of this healing revolution. It is no accident we are here at this time. We planned long and hard to be here during these events for a reason… to help humanity and the planet during this transition. 

That’s big.

Thank you for being here.


With Love,

Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Stockholm, Sweden


I make no excuses for posting this video. It says it all 🙂