13735582_10157438782355227_1987897352746233277_oDavid Ashworth, the original channel for the Emerald Heart Light and founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment has now created an amazing Darshan experience for those looking for a deeper truth of who they are.  

Here are just a few testimonies to these life changing group sessions and distant transmissions.

Read more about Darshan with David and what others are saying about David at his website davidashworth.guru

Jon Gauntlet, Emerald Heart Evolution Practitioner, Australia – Distant Darshan

Hi Dave,

Happy New Year. Hope you had a fun Christmas.

I just wanted to let you know that Danielle, Kael and myself all took part in Darshan last night. A family affair. We all had different experiences and I’d like to share mine with you as it was quite illuminating for me.

I started sitting on the sofa in a very relaxed state. The sounds of the outside world slowly drifted away and I felt like I dropped through time and space, until I was standing next to an archangel. We walked together down a tunnel of pure white light until we reached the foot of a spiral staircase.

We started to climb this spiral staircase through what appeared to be a multitude of universes. As we climbed my human existence and form peeled away until I was a multi-coloured ball of light floating in a dimension that goes way beyond my human understanding. I felt connected to everything simultaneously and touched a feeling of purity that was very different to my perception of it in human form.

Then I felt a vibration of understanding and communication, but the only way I can describe it is that a voice spoke to me with the following words:

‘Purity of Truth is what you need to achieve. To move beyond the human understanding of truth and purity and step into the higher energetic feeling of purity of truth. To hold the vibration of that Light that is a higher consciousness. To accept the passing of that Light into your Soul. To strip away the human confines and limitations that define purity and truth in a 3rd dimension reality and accept the vibration into the soul of purity of truth from a dimension beyond human perception. Accept this Light and let it flow into your soul and return with it into the human form where the soul will let it shine out to all humanity that desires to feel it.

The only block in the way is the fear of the personality that holds the soul.

Step out of the way of yourself and bring forth a purity of truth from a higher dimension into an earth bound reality.’

Then it stopped and I came back to consciousness in my very comfortable state on the sofa.

Interestingly after the Darshan last night I had a client today and it felt that the whole consultation went deeper but was also clearer. I think she was as surprised as I was 🙂

I thought I’d share this with you Dave. Have a great day.


Nicky, Manchester – 3 Distant Darshan sessions

DARSHAN 1.  When David’s Darshan first started, the energy pushed me right back in my chair, pushing my shoulders and opening up the heart chakra, it then went into my right shoulder, white pulsating light trying to heal. I knew what that was about.

After that it was like having a yoga session! The energy was trying to re-align my body physically with a lot of stretches, all the while pushing my shoulders back again.

Then bright white, pulsating light entered the heart centre and the whole room lit up.

I was shown a lot of blackness in the heart that the light couldn’t shift, so a hammer and chisel was brought in and chipped it away, leaving open weeping wounds all red, hot, angry and sore looking.

The light did try and heal but didn’t get it all. Also I was told to stop swearing! I’m not a habitual swearer, but I have said a few choice words this week, not directly to anyone just in expressing myself. I was told I am entering a period of grace, purity and calm.

I’m going to do some yoga every day this week and have another Darshan session next Sunday. If the light is not concentrating on re-aligning the body, as today, then I will probably have a more in depth experience or I might have a Program with David and finish what was started today.

DARSHAN 2.  This second Darshan (a week later) was a bit different. When the energy came in, it was a big bright, white pulsating heart that I was sat in at first, then it went into my heart and began moving me in a figure of eight. It also made my nose twitch like mad!

The light then went into my right shoulder again and was so painful as it tried to heal me there. Then the light went back to the heart and tried to heal the rawness in there with a soft white light.

Towards the end of the session the light in my heart showed nearly all the rawness gone, probably less than a third left and I was left with waves of purity, peace and love.

I’m going to round this off with a third session next Sunday.

DARSHAN 3.  Well this evening’s Darshan was very interesting. The energy came in and started moving me in a figure of eight again, like last week. It gave me a few stretches then my face became a heart and I sat in a white heart too.

As the energy entered my heart it was almost as if it was all still red raw underneath, so I stopped trying to control it and allowed it to do what was necessary. A white heart with wings started flying around in front of me and flew straight into my heart, which nearly lifted me off my chair, then kind of astrally flew off with me. I felt so much lighter and brighter and all the rawness was finally gone.

Then the pièce de résistance happened!

It was as if David himself had physically manifested in my room standing behind me, his hands on my head and a rush of energy went to my left ankle, which is where I have one patch of skin irritation left. Since my big lesson during the recent weeks, my skin has been clearing up, its taken two weeks and that’s the last bit.

David then had his arms outstretched and for the last 10 minutes I just had waves of complete purity, calm, unconditional love and peace.

Many, many blessings Dave. It was good to see you this evening!


Alyss,  Distant Darshan

Alyss Shares the changes in her Son from Distant Darshan

Dear David

I thought I would offer you some feedback on the Darshan session with my 12 year old son, Joshua. You can of course share it if you wish.

I could feel the energy moving through my heart to him, this is already a natural feeling as a mother but it was intense and somehow or other we found ourselves snuggling up together during the time of the session. He was not very interested in hearing about it beforehand, so I didn’t really say much, and he was watching a film though I wasn’t paying attention to it.

Recently he has been going through changes and big challenges, and has been argumentative and distant, with a stubborn quality, but very soon after the session it was like a switch had been turned on and his sweet, loving, bright nature instantly returned. He has been delightful ever since.

Thank you!
Love Alyss

Anke, from Spain travelled to Munich to receive Darshan blessings

Dear David,

I arrived at the Darshan event in Munich with very mixed feelings, not knowing at all what would happen for me. During preparation we were all sitting on the chairs waiting for everyone to arrive, I could already feel energy coming out of my hands, which was growing in strength.

Before it was my turn to come up and kneel down in front of David, I had a strange feeling: I wanted to open my eyes just to have a very short look at David, it was like a certain longing, just to see him once again, just for a second. But when I opened my eyes, at this very moment I saw my daughter receiving Darshan from him.

Watching this scene, it seemed as if my heart was to explode inside me, so much love and gratefulness I felt for both of them in this very moment. (It was my daughter who introduced me to David and the Emerald Heart Light 3 years ago.)

Receiving my own Darshan I first only felt my heart beating very quickly, but  after some seconds looking into David’s eyes, I felt a certain surprise, which made my heart stop beating so much, and then being seated again I slowly recovered calm, and during  this peaceful feeling, which lasted until everybody had received the Darshan blessing, I saw images of black coloured tablets coming out of my body or head  going up in the air, tablets which had been perforated showing big holes where the wind could blow through. There came the idea that these tablets represented some of my old false beliefs or behaviour patterns, which now had been perforated so that new ideas could be brought into my life. This made me feel very happy and grateful at the same time.

I´m more than sure that this Darshan will help me to gain more and more consciousness about how to be more aware of my own false (not coming from my heart) behaviours gained during many years adapting myself always to other people´s interests.

Thank you so much Dave for this Darshan.