Is Change Frightening?

For most of us change is a tricky thing to handle. From our microcosmic view, anything we can not foresee the result of, quantify the impact of or not understand from a planning perspective is a contentious issue and opens a Pandora’s box of fear and anxiety.  As human beings we have allowed the subconscious mind to think its way into our hearts with its needs to control every aspect of our lives and using this strategy it thinks danger will never beset us.

Modern life is so crammed full of bright shiny experiences and stimuli overkill that it’s all too easy to become deaf to our inner wisdom. Our connection to the Earth and the Universe as a whole has been disrupted in a way that it is all too easy for us to fall into fear at the slightest sign of change.


Change can be very uncomfortable for most of us when the major identifiers of how we see ourselves in a societal way shift. These identifiers may well be the big house, the fancy car, the trophy partner, the large bank account, etc.  Anything that we have used to quantify our level of success and happiness in the world that is not necessary in alignment with our highest good is undergoing a time of rebalance. This of course will create major issues for people unwilling to release the old version of life and step into the new, lighter, healthier, vibrationally pleasing frequencies.   

Attachment will be the very thing that will turn a smooth transitional stream into a violently rocky white water ride, that will ultimately cause us to capsize and then begin the journey again battered and bruised, but with hopefully a little more understanding regarding the cost of attachment. It would be great if we could learn these lessons in this lifetime without having to come back for more white water rides, but I’m feeling that is easier said than done.

Signs of Change

The Earth is going through great changes at the moment, as it shakes off the heavy control of fear that has saturated this beautiful planet for millennia. During this time, we are seeing and will see more amazing things happen.

As I write this article on Sunday 26th February there is a powerful solar eclipse and astrological alignment of which the wise astrologers are saying will announce great changes on our Earth. These changes should be interpreted as a period of transition which is blessing on humanity. Adopting a mind-set of letting go, going with the flow and doing things the easy way will pay great dividends.

Control of Belief

One of the insidious traps that humanity have found themselves in, is allowing themselves, by their loving trusting nature to be governed by wolves who have been able to control and steer all aspects of the human experience. This frequency is now no longer being allowed to have free reign over us. This includes religious conditioning and control of the media.

I believe we need to enter this phase of humanities development with an open mind. Attachment will stop us in our tracks if we let it as we have been so conditioned to accept things that are truly against everything we believe in.


More than ever before, this is a time of finding quiet time away from the glamour of the world. To sit and be with yourself. If you can meditate do so, if you do yoga, do it. Take time for self-empowerment and self-love. Listen to what you are trying to tell yourself. Trust that the bigger you and the Universe has a plan for you and will never let you drop.

As more and more truth is revealed, showing us how we have allowed ourselves to be misled at the most fundamental levels there will be anger and rage that needs to be released. This will be dealt with in subsequent Emerald Heart articles. 

If you are finding things hard to handle during these times of change, you may wish to contact an Emerald Heart Practitioner for support and guidance.

With love

Ian Mills

Emerald Heart Elder, Stockholm Sweden