Feedback is a powerful way to get the word out there.  Jeffery from the US shares his amazing experiences during this March Equinox’s Emerald Heart Light Transmission.  He wrote the following to his Emerald Heart Practitioner, Lynne Shaw and wished to pass on these experiences.

Yesterday, I had a Light Transmission at 1pm in the afternoon.
As I settled into quietude about 10 mins before 1 pm, I quietly went into my heart and brought my attention there.
After some time had passed, I was transported to a field of chamomile where a white Pegasus beckoned for me to mount him.
There was large beam of light streaming down from the skies, we flew up into this light leaving the Earth behind us.
Our destination was a planet in the galaxies of the arrowhead of Sagittarius.  This felt as if it was home to my higher Self.
I entered a vast dark room where there were frequencies of light forming distinct horizontal layers.  It felt that my chakras were being cleaned, adjusted and re-attuned.
I woke up from my Light Transmission an hour and a half after 1pm, my body was buzzing and humming with energy (pulsating and constant).
My second Light Transmission was at 9pm last night.
I quietly focused my attention on my heart.  This time I was transported down beyond the roots of trees in Mother Earth.  I arrived within a vast cave filled with gigantic quartz crystals and the cave was lit as if a candle flickered reflections on these gigantic iridescent mirrored surfaces of the quartz crystals.  I felt that I was receiving grounded energies from the heart of Mother Earth.  I awakened about a 1/2 hour after 9pm.
Today’s Light Transmission was at 2pm and I went completely blacked out for about an hour.
Thank you Lynne, the Elders and the Guides of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment for this Light Transmission.
It has been a tremendous support for my journey.  I am supplementing all of this with positive affirmations, brain wave technology and mindful meditation practice.
Big hugz and much love,