If We Dare to Believe 

Working with an Evolutionary Light such as the Emerald Heart can be viewed as a journey through darkness into more and more Light. As some of the old darkness we carry starts to fall away we literally feel lighter, more connected, more open to others, to ourselves and to life generally. Ready and eager to engage with life in more creative ways with increased awareness of our gifts and talents and our potentials both spiritual and practical.

Without this uplift from the Light, we tend to spend our lives going round and round in small circles being led by our issues and subconscious patterning. At times consumed by our inner darkness, at other times feeling that things are a little more okay but with very little awareness of how wide the horizons actually are. We need the Light to start to reveal to us how great the possibilities are for our lives and our inner development.

Having experienced a much greater sense of our own expansiveness we find it excruciating when we then experience the contraction of ego. We go from being genuinely interested in others and in life, engaged, present, aware and connected, to feeling separate again, contracted and tormented. We reject this state of being preferring to feel good, to feeling connected spiritually. Of course it makes sense to use the tools at our disposal to reconnect, to balance and align ourselves with the Flow of Life again. If taking an essence, walking in nature, sharing with a friend etc. brings us back into this sense of being a connected being again why wouldn’t we do these things to help ourselves?

This can lead to a problem though, for if we are choosing to focus our identity on the connected state of feeling and are rejecting the contracted state as not really being us, we are falling into grasping and rejection. Our sense of self is based merely on our fragile state of feeling. We are basing our identity on something that will always be fleeting in nature. Our feelings, emotions and mental states are ever changing, they are like the weather and just as rejecting one kind of weather leads to unhappiness so does rejecting ourselves for feeling certain ways that we frame as non spiritual or unpleasant. Sometimes the ego has its grip on us more than at other times, sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to experience strong and difficult emotional and mental states. The worst thing we can do in these situations is to go into rejection for it only leads to more misery. The idea that there is some end point of bliss and happiness in which this is all we will ever feel is the spiritual equivalent of trying to find the end of a rainbow.

So how do we get beyond this dualistic game of desire for only positive states and our need to place our identification of self with these particular states, rejecting and running away from all those states we see as negative? It seems clear the answer must lie in a deeper understanding of who we are that is based on something far beyond that which is fleeting. What if we were to dare to believe that the Divine Creative Force, that evolutionary aspect of God Consciousness that runs through everything in creation, of which we ourselves are most definitely a part, is a large aspect of who we already are and have always been? As a part of creation am I not already an aspect of the Evolutionary Principle? What if we take this one step further and ask what if I am the Evolutionary Impulse itself? What does this imply? Surely it must imply that we are a part of a co-creation process with God, that essentially we are God.

From a place of understanding that an important aspect of who I am is Evolution in Action, it then becomes easy to see that I am far from a victim of certain hidden or unseen forces that I’m constantly trying to decipher. I can be the Creator of the Evolution I want to see in the world. I can work not just to align myself with the profound and sacred aspects of God Consciousness but that actually I can work to align the collective consciousness of humanity with them also. It’s a big task for sure but it doesn’t feel nearly as daunting if we can begin to grasp that we are already the Evolutionary Principle of God Consciousness. Rather than trying endlessly to connect with something beyond ourselves we could start to see that we are already ‘it’. From this deeper truth, spiritual light sources become something that we connect with in order to reveal the truth of who we already are, have always been and will always be. We just couldn’t see it, we were in ignorance of our true nature and we needed the Light to help us start to grasp this essential truth of who we are.

If we can allow the magnetic attraction of the vast river of evolution that flows through everything to draw our awareness into its waters, then our awareness is no longer separate but can flow with it creating as we go. If we can dare to step into this radical, even revolutionary understanding of self we will start to experience the vast array of spiritual forces that we become aligned with. As some of you will I am sure already know from your own experiences, as we aid humanity in the growth of their awareness, so we will be aided in this undertaking more than we can maybe currently believe is possible.

Perhaps then, the last mention in this Teaching belongs to Charles Darwin, the father of modern biological evolutionary science who had the courage and the audacity to believe that the church’s teachings of superstition and ignorance were wrong. That human evolution as a species was completely different than that which was accepted for his time and that he had to bring this truth to human awareness no matter the personal cost.

Tim Dyson

Principle of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment