Anger as a tool

There is without doubt, thousands of situations that can provoke anger within ourselves. To write an article to hopefully nail the cause of anger would be a lengthy diatribe and not one I wish to attempt here. A more effective tack I believe would be to offer a solution to the anger epidemic that people are currently facing now.

Anger can be an amazingly transformative emotion. It can force change into our lives. It can help us identify and to break painfully repetitive cycles or negative situations. Anger can be a marker for us to realise we have allowed ourselves to accept something in our lives that is in ultimate discord with our true desires.

Why are we feeling anger now?

The Earth and us as her tenants are currently going through a process of deep change. The darkness that has bathed this planet for millennia is lifting.  The great seers of this time are calling this cycle we are entering ‘the Age of truth.’

Consequently, all the darker techniques that have been used to control the human-race and the planet during this cycle are breaking down and the machinations are being revealed to all.

Now this darkness worked on many levels and has generally effected most areas of human life, but particularly in areas where power and fear has been used to suppress and control others and to force through an agenda that is purposely damaging to us and the planet.

Individual and Collective Releases

The shift in planetary frequency will be helping us collectively and individually, to release ancient negative emotions locked deeply within our subconscious.

During this period of change it would be expected to experience some level of confusion and anger as we shift to finer vibrations. In fact, as the tools of subjugation are becoming obvious to the masses and the hidden history of the human-race is revealed, it would be totally normal to be enraged at how we as a race have been misled. Furthermore, it will be imperative to identify these feelings and find a way to deal with them.

Emerald Heart Essences

The releases caused by this new higher level of truth may cause stress and imbalance within ourselves. The release of these dark, locked in emotions, creates turmoil as they hit the aura. With the Emerald Heart High Vibrational essences, this frequency can be targeted once you’re aware that something is going on. The wide range of Divinely Sourced Essences can target this frequency deep in your subconscious for release, then when it comes up to the light, it can be hit again by the Emerald Heart Bach essences to negate much of the in-aura trauma generally associated by such releases.

Self-help and more..

If you can intuit, muscle test or dowse, it will be straight forward to select the essences you need for your individual situation. If you are uncertain of what is going on and you have a level of unexplained stress and tension, or you feel like things are getting on top of you, just know that help is at hand. As well as practicing your own personal first line of defence, such as good diet, meditation, grounding, relaxation and being in nature etc,  you may wish to look up your Emerald Heart Practitioner of choice, for a deeper view of what you are up against.

As Emerald Heart Practitioners are trained to view things multi-dimensionally you will have a unique perspective of your situation.  Along with their insights, they will use the Emerald Heart Light, which has been called the Light that reveals Truth. This can be offered as an infused key of liquid light, a Light program or both depending on the issue at hand.

Check out the keys of transformation … the wide range of Essences available.

All the Emerald Heart Practitioners are listed below.

You now have a one-stop first aid kit for evolutionary symptoms. As the wise ones have said so many times, “Don’t suffer in silence, reach out for help”

.. and as the human-race will soon say … “Suffering is so last millennia.”

With love

Ian Mills

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment