Emerald Heart client Jeffery Kong shares with the Blog how using the Light and the Essences in combination as a tool for transformation is indeed a powerful process.

The course Jeffery refers to was run by the Emerald Heart School for 2 consecutive years and we witnessed amazing shifts in both students and teachers over this period.

Although we are not running the course this year, the tranformational power of the Emerald Heart Light can still be engaged by attending any of the Gatherings or Retreats run by the School, participating in one to one sessions with an Emerald Heart Practitioner, taking part in distant Light transmissions on the solstice and equinox period, and by using the Essences with the intent to bring positive change into your life.

Thank you for your inspiring words Jeffery.


Several years ago, I started a Wheel of Light essence program but within the first couple of weeks, I realized how powerful and challenging this was going to be and decided not to continue.  I felt that I could not handle it right then and had too much going on in my life.

Early last year, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment’s Thirteen Moons of Transformation course.  I had been feeling for the last several years, a sense of emptiness and void.  I was not happy and not at peace, I was not depressed but felt something was happening deep inside.  I could not put my finger on it, but there was restlessness.  I needed some sort of change to happen in my life.  Having experienced the Wheel of Light, I knew that I was going to be on a rollercoaster of a ride towards change and transformation.

Within the first fifteen days of starting the program, my life suddenly changed.  I lost my job (I was not very happy there for about the last six months and felt I needed a change), I had oral surgery to remove six or seven of my back teeth (I had severe gum disease from smoking for so many years and type 2 diabetes), I quit smoking (probably one of the best things that I had done for myself and my health), and I had to find a new home (my lease was ending and my rent was skyrocketing if I renewed – and with no income – I needed to find something within a budget). And to re-iterate, this was the first two weeks into the course.

I decided that it was time to seriously start taking care of myself and to have this gift of time to educate myself on myself and to consciously evolve and transform.  I took courses on meditation, nutrition, Chinese herbs and medicinal mushrooms, Tibetan healing diets, the intuitive arts, aromatherapy and more meditation classes.  I started meditating daily, continued practicing daily self-care Reiki, channeling candles and essential oil blends for healing and shifting energies, practicing Iyengar yoga, maintaining a more conscious, nutritional diet, reading copious amounts of books on mindfulness meditation, self-care, resilience, neuroplasticity and how to rewire neural pathways during challenging times.  I was starting to experience a slight shift and the opening of my heart.

The last four months of the course, I could feel a dynamic force to challenge and change myself.  It is the period where I felt the “dark night of my soul”.  It was a period where I felt that I had all my powers and contact with close friends and family taken away and that I had to literally face all the dark machinations of my mind on my own.  But this was also a period where I felt that these challenges and painful emotions were actually gifts.  Without experiencing them, I would not be able to transform and evolve. My mind was experiencing so much darkness and my heart knew that it was crucial to experience it all to be able to change.  All the answers and support that I needed came through reading a number of books (that almost miraculously presented themselves) during this phase as trying to contact friends or my spiritual support group was almost futile.  It was a time of working through it all by oneself (and with my Guides).

As it stands, the course ended a couple of months ago, and huge changes are occurring.  It’s almost as if a reset button has been hit – I am starting literally from scratch.  It’s been over a year of not working, so finances are nonexistent. I have a mountain of debt and no idea of how this will be taken care of.  I have had to pack up my apartment and put everything in storage at a friend’s place.  I have moved back to Canada and staying with friends.

However, I am seeing miracles, Light and magic in situations and things, which I normally would have missed.  There is abundance and prosperity that are starting to flow.  There are gifts of benevolence and Grace that are coming from unexpected places and people.  There is flow and synchronicity happening on a very precise level.  There is serenity and peace within.  And there is a knowing that all will be well.  Trust, faith, patience, and love are all constant, present messages.  I am learning to ask for help, receive in gratitude and also, not knowing sometimes the answers.  There are huge challenges and painful emotions that are sometimes present and one just has to keep a positive perspective.  Having experienced first hand, a year of Thirteen Moons of Transformation, transformation happens when you take the first step, release the ego, ask for help (prayer, meditation and Spiritual support – and really being open to ask for help), always learning, walk with others and then share the experiences and the lessons.  And as my Spiritual teacher, Lynne says: “it’s time to get out of the Spiritual closet.”

So here I am, out of the Spiritual closet.

Jeffery Kong