Harriët Kroon, the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System shares some of the fantastic feedback she received from participants of the recent Divine Plan Distant Healing event. Many people from 12 different countries signed up and they all received an individual healing at 8pm their local time. It was a pretty amazing worldwide event. 

I am so happy to be able to look back upon a very successful celebration of the 4th Anniversary of the Divine Plan Healing System. Many people from all over the globe participated in the free distant healing event on the 22nd of October. As far as I can track they received their healings in 12 countries: Australia, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. What makes the Divine Plan so unique is that they all received an individual healing. This distant technique for groups is very popular amongst the Divine Plan healers and we teach this in our second level training. Every time we give these “group healings” we hear stunning stories. Here are a few of them.


I heard words and saw photographs

“For the first 10 minutes or so I just felt peaceful and relaxed, after around 10 minutes I began to hear words and sentences which didn’t really make any sense to me. As the healing continued the words, sentences etc. started coming through faster than I could listen! This continued for about 35 minutes, then I saw a vision of bright lights and then I saw lots of photographs, one after the other, very quickly, then I saw one photograph clearly. It was a picture of myself when I was a young boy. At that point, I opened my eyes and took a few deep breaths to bring myself back to earth. All in all a very interesting healing! My guess is that all the words etc. were blockages from past events being released through my consciousness. After the healing I felt fine, very relaxed an peaceful.”

Roy, Scotland


Many insights about my sexual history

“My intention was receiving your distance healing for my highest good. Straight from the beginning my sexual organs were filled up with golden energy. I had to cry, it felt so incredibly healing. Then I was brought back to my early childhood when I was punished for having sexual feelings. I clearly saw that these punishments had seeded deep shame in me for having a body and pleasurable feelings. My whole life the words ‘I am bad’ have been haunting me – and now I was shown the cause. I was also shown why I had chosen my ex-partner: subconsciously I had chosen an abusive man to have my ‘bad’ sexual organs punished.

Then suddenly it felt like my body was put up straight and loads of golden coins were falling out of my vagina. I couldn’t grasp what that meant. I know that in a past life I was a prostitute. Was it a cleansing of having used my sexuality as a means to earn money? It looked like it. And again I had to cry of gratefulness that I may allow my sexuality to be alive without having to feel ashamed or to be punished. It was a fantastic wholing healing. Thank you so much!!!”

Frederica, the Netherlands


The healing took 80 minutes!

“The distant healing was very intensive for me. And it took one hour and 20 minutes! I felt more ‘working in my body’ than at self-healings and I hope I could let go everything that belonged to this theme. Thanks a lot.”

Daniela, Germany


I was able to sleep without the aid of a spray

“From a young age I have suffered with chronic sinus problems and had to resort to sinus sprays to help with my breathing. Some 15 years ago I had an operation to rectify the problem but the operation only succeeded in making the condition worse. I am currently awaiting a new appointment at our local hospital to see if there is anything further they can do for me.

I settled down to the healing session on Sunday evening at 8pm as advised and was immediately ‘knocked out.’ I saw no visions heard no sounds and saw no colours.

I came out of the healing at 9.10pm. It was only after a couple of minutes that I felt something different and noticed a change. After all these years suddenly I was breathing unaided through my nose for the first time since I can remember.

I was able to sleep that night without the aid of a spray. This morning things have fell back slightly but still better than before the healing. Today I am basking in inner warm heat, it feels really special.

Many thanks,”

Roy, UK

It felt like a waterfall of crystalline energy

“This was my first Divine Plan Healing. It was a wonderful experience. As soon as it started

I could feel the connection. A woman’s face came forward, gentle loving. The energy started to penetrate more deeply and I became very relaxed. It felt like a waterfall of crystalline energy. A wing of energy circled around me. My thoughts were, I am open to receive.

I set no target other than I surrender to what I need at this moment. Today the energy is moving to different areas and I feel a blessing and upliftment.

I thank you so much. Love,”

Annette, Scotland

I received a message

“The healing felt like a warm bath to me. I felt very safe. I felt the warmth and love surrounding me, it touched me deeply. Deep inside of me I felt a connection with Mother Earth and all the other people who also were receiving their healing. Then I saw an image of planet earth with emerald green threads that were lit up and connected with one another. I also received a message: start writing again each morning when you are drinking out of your beautiful cup of tea, write anything that comes up in you.”

Nicky, the Netherlands


I was taken into a perfect peaceful and loving place of pure bliss

“Thank you so much for the beautiful Divine Plan Healing I received last night. I felt the energy go straight to my heart which was bubbling for a while and then changed to a gentle rocking from side to side which also then changed to a feeling of my heart being massaged and it felt so loving. The palms of my hands began to pulsate and also a sensation through my fingers. A cold wave next shot straight down my body and felt very powerful. The whole time I was aware of a perfect stillness and noticed how there were no noisy chattering thoughts as everything felt so calm. My experience of the Divine Plan Healing was of being taken into a perfect peaceful and loving place of pure bliss. Very moving and joyful and full of Divine Love. Gentle yet powerful and I feel very blessed and humbled to have been given this amazing experience of Mary Magdalene and Emerald Heart Light around me. 

Thank you so much Harriet. I slept so well and I am becoming aware of many more lovely positive changes coming in.”

Paula, England


Pretty amazing feedback, isn’t it? Again and again I find it amazing what can be achieved with one single healing.

In case you would like to receive a Divine Plan healing, know that every Sunday evening you have the opportunity. At 8pm (your local time, worldwide) I offer a distant healing event. For only 9.99 Euro you can participate, and please feel free to participate as many times as you like, http://divineplanhealingschool.org/agenda/?lang=en.

1 More week discount

If you would like to be able to give yourself and others powerful yet gentle Divine Plan healings, I am happy to prolong our 70.- euro discount offer on the Divine Plan Healer Training (level 1) for another week. Of course you may come over to the lovely city of Amsterdam, where I am based, but perhaps you prefer to receive your attunement and training via online video. More and more people choose this option. If you register before the 8th of December, you will receive your healer training for 399.- euro instead of 469.-. 

Thank you all for celebrating the 4 years’ existence of the Divine Plan Healing System with me. Our next event is in the making, a Divine Plan retreat coming June in the South of France. It will be open for everybody. Don’t miss it.

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment