Is there such a word?  .. I doubt it, but if there is, I feel it would encompass everything we need to know.

We spend so much time dwelling on the past and fearing the future, we rarely have time to be content in the now. Feeling good in the now is the most potent force to create feel good futures as the Universe is constantly serving up what we have created from our focus in the past and present.

Powerful creators

Humans are powerful creators, but we seem to spend most of our time running around looking for the next new thing or project that will make us feel better, be it the new house, the car or the holiday etc. This feeling better must surely start from understanding that to turn things round at a core level, we need to lessen the loop of negative emotions we often feel about ourselves and life. By shifting these expressions to a more positive and optimistic understanding of ourselves as a source incarnate being living in the now, we begin to align ourselves with a more joyous path in this world.


Life stress can become overwhelming if you buy into what mainstream reality offers. A consumer based society will always try and lead you to the next amazing product that will make your life more fulfilling, but the result is always dissatisfaction and a renewed search for peace and connection which converts to ‘back to the shops’.

One can certainly make life easier and free up time and energy with new developments and technology, but when the drive to purchase happiness is overriding, it is often a symptom of addiction.


Addictions come in all shapes and sizes, but one can say that there is a common thread that connects them all. They are symptoms of how we compensate for the pain experienced from disconnection from Source.

In the human experience, it is inevitable that at times in our existence as a soul we move away from the Divine. This will manifest inwardly as a deeply sorrowful event and we often bury these emotions by filling the void with anything that will lessen that remembrance. It could be with food, alcohol, sex, violence, drugs, you name it, we can get very creative in dulling this inner knowing of separation.

I myself have struggled with an addiction to distraction for a long time, running away from myself and not embracing my true nature, wanting to blend in and hide myself away from a world I couldn’t really understand. Working with the Emerald Heart Light has been instrumental in bringing me to a point where I can see where these patterns play out and supporting and assisting the dissolving of these rigid self-sabotaging fears. I still have a way to go but I feel life opening more and more, which is great. 

Modern Society

It is no coincidence that modern society does a pretty good job of separating us from Source, to stimulate these longing feelings within us, and then providing the false light of the sparkly baubles of consumerism to make us feel better. In the end, we learn to crave these transient pleasures and either forget or lose the awareness that everything we will ever need is waiting for our attention within us.

A big step for me was to understand that embracing the ideology of so called modern society, may lead to an alienation from our inner Divine Source. When I understood this, feelings of loss, struggle and suffering reduced and I allowed myself to open to new possibilities, realizing I was not a helpless victim, but had just temporarily forgotten who I was.

The Future

So, what of the future now? The future will be a result of all the thoughts and emotions within our present moments. In understanding this, if we choose to have humanities highest interest at heart and we don’t come from a position of fear promoted by the politicians and main news outlets, we can create a wonderful world for ourselves and others. In just that simple shift in expectation and value, a whole new joyous horizon awaits us.

Is it as simple as taking regular moments to just be in the now and feel good? Try it and see. It certainly feels a lot better than dwelling on past indiscretions.

If you feel you are locked into the trauma of the past, or are fearful of what will manifest in the future, you may wish to contact one of our practitioners, who are experienced at helping people to step out of these patterns and become free from self-torment.

With love

Ian Mills

Teacher at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment


The Rolling Stones have been bringing us this Anthem as a lesson for years. The result of externalizing the search for contentment and fulfilment.