Harriët Kroon, the Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System invites you to participate in her unique retreat in magical France, this coming June. You will work with the Emerald Heart Light, connect with the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene, and return home with the Divine Plan Healer training under your belt. Treat yourself with this one off opportunity and make use of the attractive early bird fee.


The Divine Plan Healing School invites you – all genders – to participate in our magical and absolutely unique retreat in the South of France, this coming June. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect deeply with the Divine Feminine, Mary Magdalene and the feminine aspects of your inner self. Also, this Divine Plan retreat is an excellent opportunity to get more connected with your own individual Divine Plan, your blueprint. The complete one-day Divine Plan Healer Training is embedded in the retreat. This means that when you go home, you will be able to do empowering healings with the Emerald Heart Light on yourself and others for the rest of your life! Do not despair if you have already received one or more Divine Plan Trainings. This extra training, together with the other retreat contents, outings and materials will be of extreme value to professionalize your healing and personal practice.

The retreat will be given by myself, Harriët Kroon, Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System and Elder of the Emerald Heart. I will present the retreat in English. The advanced Divine Plan Healer Alexandra Meyn will be assisting and taking care of the organisation. Alexandra has an inspiring personality with a good sense of humour!

Alexandra Meyn

Top quality

We want to excel with this Divine Plan retreat and offer you top quality. Therefore we have hired the very best local spiritual tour guide and selected accommodation set in a beautiful natural environment. On top of the energy and Light work at the venue, you will receive two guided bus tours to several sacred sites. All meals are high quality vegetarian, 90% organic and cooked by Patricia who has been a vegetarian cook for 25 years.

About the magic of the area

We are living in the era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine consciousness. Whether we like it or not, the Divine Feminine is awakening in all of us, men and women alike. This retreat will help you in finding a balance between your feminine and masculine consciousness.

We will stay in the area where the energies of the Divine Mother and Mary Magdalene, the source of the Divine Plan Healing System are very tangible. According to oral history, Mary Magdalene lived and taught in the south of France for decades. Now, two thousand years later Her calling is heard in the hearts of more and more people. Mary Magdalene is eager to help anyone who is ready to heal their feminine woundings, female and male. I feel clearly that this coming June, She will be present to support you to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine qualities in yourself.

You don’t need any experience

You don’t need any experience with healing, the Emerald Heart Light, Mary Magdalene’s Love or anything else that you might worry about. This retreat is open for all genders, for Divine Plan students, healers and teachers – for anybody who feels called. We welcome everyone who wishes to balance their Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects.

 The retreat price includes:

  • Two full board days, two half board days, dinner on the night before the retreat and breakfast on the morning after.
  • All meals at Lavaldieu are high quality vegetarian and 90% organic.
  • Accommodation in a charming 2, 3 or 4 bed room (towels and sheets included) or at the campsite (no towels included).
  • Uplifting Chi Kung sessions to make your body more receptive for the Divine Feminine.
  • A bamboo hitter (value: 17.50 Euro) for your Chi Kung.
  • Two excursions to various sacred sites with a fantastic, professional spiritual tourist guide, including transport.
  • The Divine Plan Healer Training (price: 469.- Euro), including:
    • The updated manual
    • 3 Essences (value: 79.50 Euro)
    • The Attunement into the heart of the Earth Mother
    • Certification of Attendance

What are the costs?

I am very proud to be able to offer you this unique, high quality retreat. When you go home you will be nurtured at all levels.

Investment: 950 Euro.

  • Discount: the early bird investment until the 15th of December is 850.- Euro.
  • If you prefer to use the campsite, you get 100.- Euro discount, also on top on the early bird discount.

Your investment is payable to The Divine Plan Healing School.

Just to be clear, this price is for the retreat only, it does not include your flight and transport to and from Lavaldieu which you will arrange yourself.

Booking and questions

You can reserve your place by making a deposit of 250.- Euro. To book your place, or ask any further questions, please contact Alexandra on: divineplanretreat2018@gmail.com.

Download our full retreat description here.

I look forward to sharing the Divine Feminine with you, and guiding you towards owning your blueprint, your Divine Plan.

With Love and Blessings,

Harriët Kroon

 Mother of the Divine Plan Healing System

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

Elder of the Emerald Heart


South of France… here we come!!

 Website: www.divineplanhealingschool.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/divineplanhealing