Emerald Heart Teacher, Lynne Shaw shares with the Blog that now maybe a good time for us all to have an honest self-appraisal. 

Uncertain about who you really are? Read on and find out how Lynne begins this process.

Freedom through Truth

The truth that is being referred to is the truth of your own motivations.  How you handle yourself in the world you inhabit as that is in truth the only thing that you have control over – your own actions, your own communications, your own words. You have likely been brought up by master manipulators and surrounded by people and environments of the same ilk the whole of your life, so it is a huge challenge to remain unaffected by such behaviours or to have not adopted some of this mind-set as your own.

It is important that you start observing and recognizing when you step into such behaviours so you can make different choices if you choose.  Freeing yourself and those around you from the tyranny of manipulation and control.  The tyranny of power games that the world around us is awash with. We can bemoan the state of the world we live in yet it is up to us each individually to do our work to begin to affect change.

So who are you really?

Someone who says that they really don’t care about the opinion of others – the judgement of you by others – when really your life-force is consumed with dancing from the jabs of worry as a boxer in a boxing ring ducking the pangs of concern as to what others may think of you.  Sometimes overcompensating so people don’t think you are anything other than nice and spiritual, kind and caring.  Living a lie because this is not your authentic self?

Your authentic self is the being who lives free from concern as to what others think.  Your authentic self is the one who does not need to control or manipulate others to gain the outcome you wish. Your authentic self knows how to stand in your own power without wielding power over others.

The authentic you stands independent and bold, strong and true.

This freedom is earnt by mining to the depths of the truth for the motivation for your behaviours.  Your every interaction with yourself and others.  Dig deeper beneath the surface – question your purpose at every step.  Humans play constant power games, like other animals all interactions indicate who has the power, who has the authority.  Let’s not forget that those submissive people pleasing types are ultimately striving for control too.  Control for feeling safe. So be honest if your playing small is also motivated by a desire to manipulate.

Take up this challenge to dive into the depths of who you are and what motivates you. Look the plain truth in the eye so you can make a considered choice as to whether this is the individual you wish to continue to be. Only you know if after discovering or reacquainting yourself with the truth about yourself if you can stand yourself or if you truly desire to make a change.  The truth needs to come from the very depths of you.  Remember, you are doing this for you, not for anybody else.  We come into this world alone and we die alone.  You and only you can take account of where you are now.  You and only you know how much of you is living a lie and how much of you and your life is authentic.

There is no more time to waste, for too much time has been lost already.

Embrace your freedom through truth and the Emerald Heart Light will be here to support you with your discoveries. Remember, what you uncover is only information.  It cannot hurt you and it can ultimately set you free.  Each of you have been oppressors and the oppressed, manipulated and the manipulator, controlled and the controller.

Take inventory of your life and your relationships. 

For each relationship, every interaction ask, “What is my purpose here?”

“What am I wishing to gain?” “What am I wishing to give?” “Is this in equal balance?”

Allow the realization to seep through and act accordingly on the information you have been given.

Courage dear ones.  This truth will give you freedom and understanding greater than you can imagine.  Bring your behaviour into your awareness, into full focus.  If you step into an honest excavation, this will ultimately lead you to greater peace and independence.

 I bless you with the Light of the Emerald Heart.

Lynne Shaw

Elder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment