Divine Plan Healer Loraine Mitchell, shares with the Blog how she was drawn to work with the Emerald heart Light and a little of her healing journey since first contact. 


Journeying with the Emerald Heart Light

My journey with The Emerald Heart Light began in October 2016. I knew I had to find a way of understanding what was happening in my life at a deeper level. I had come to a point where I was going around in circles and had been for a very long time. I felt dead inside and disconnected from life – I basically did not want to be here, not that I wanted to lose my life rather I wanted to live a more authentic life, that reflected what was in my heart.  I had faith that this was possible and to enable me to achieve my goal I knew I needed a teacher that could offer tools to help me to understand why I felt so disconnected. The Emerald Heart Light has not only helped me recover parts of myself, but also offered me a glimpse into the inner world of the heart that I had closed down so long ago – the place where magic happens.

Reaching Out To The Emerald Heart Light

I was made aware of The Emerald Heart Light and the work they did by a family member. I was given The Ocean of Emotion book in Dec 2015, I recognised Dave’s photo from his YouTube video series ‘The Cycles of Time’, which I really enjoyed and certainly one I understood in comparison to others have viewed or read. My sister who gave me the book suggested I read it as it may help me understand what was going on with me at a deeper level.  I said I would think about it although I have to admit I was not convinced and – I was thinking not another one of her spiritual teachers ha. But there are so many now professing they can do all sorts of magical things. What I basically wanted and indeed needed was straight answers, not some new age mumbo jumbo! I wanted to connect with others who knew what they were talking about – someone who had experienced real stuff and that I could resonate with and most importantly who offered solutions that worked. So I explored The Emerald Heart Light School of Enlightenment website quite extensively – I was fascinated and inspired by what I was reading about David and his experiences. Here was a man – a seemingly ordinary man who had without a doubt a profound awakening and had respond to his inner calling that must have been terrifying in parts by the way, but something was calling to me – and I knew what I was reading about was of a high vibration as I could feel the light. I was particularly keen also to find out about The Emerald Heart Light essences – I had used essences in the past so I had an idea of how they worked. There is so much valuable information on the website to explore and study.  From there forward I knew I had to take it to the next level and connect with an Emerald Heart Light practitioner and that this would enable me to explore my deeper self and possibly unravel what I was seeking to understand.

When choosing to work with someone on a spiritual level I allow myself to be guided to the person I feel is right for me at the time. After looking through all the practitioners and what they offered I was drawn to get in touch with Tim Dyson – one thing of the many things that I resonated was ‘the stepping stone approach’ to working with clients for me this is very important, little did I know I was about to embark upon the most fascinating, exhilarating but also the most important journey that I will ever embark upon, a journey with no real end – the journey into the depths of consciousness of the heart.

Journey into my heart

My belief is that there is a time we have set within us like an alarm to awaken to who we truly are – for example 26:10:2016. How and when that happens is different for all of us and is our responsibility. It’s like we have a time here for doing our own thing before the real work begins, before we wake up to why we are we are here and indeed the purpose of why we are here. (I think I had hit the snooze button for quite some time ha ha).These are questions that most of us have asked at sometime – the why’s and what’s the purpose to our lives here on planet earth. I have been questioning since childhood – but no one could give me an answer. I will not go into all of my life experiences as this blog is not the correct forum for that and would not be of use to the reader of this article – and it is a lengthy one although I will refer to relevant parts which in turn will hopefully explain how The Emerald Heart Light has not only helped me recover parts of myself it has also offered me a glimpse into the inner world of the heart that I had closed down and a deeper understanding into self – if there is such a thing as self!

Who Am I?

I’m Loraine Mitchell I live in Scotland. I am the second youngest of 5 siblings – 3 brothers and 1 sister. From the outside we most likely looked like an ordinary family, however it was less than ordinary from the inside. I had chosen to incarnate into a very challenging family shall we say! This is all very relevant to how I developed personally. Within this construct I was offered the ideal environment that reflected the fears that I had chosen to work on in this lifetime. These same fears I would later start to explore with the help of Tim and The Emerald Heart Light, essences and Light Programmes.

The younger years

Reflecting on my childhood I came into this lifetime with the ability to – sense others energy in that I could feel their emotions and sometimes it was like I could read their thoughts I knew when others were being less than authentic. Another gift I had and still have is the ability to channel spiritual insights/guidance although at a young age I was not aware of these references – it is normal to me to be this way. For example I would be offering guidance to my parents, siblings and friends, looking back at this now this wisdom that came through was so practical and loving always offering a positive alternative narrative to the person who they wanted me to offer guidance to. This information would always come spontaneously with no effort on my part – for me it was just like having a conversation with someone. Because there was so much conflict within our family and extended family, guidance was channelling through me solutions to these conflicts – I always felt there was a balanced loving way to resolve things. However that guidance did not filter through to the adults in question and I was told constantly I had “too much to say and to keep quite”. As much as there were challenges I always found solace in nature – being fortunate enough to live close to hills and beautiful countryside that was one of my sanctuaries the other being books and music where I would go into another world. So I guess I started escaping from this reality as no one was paying attention here and I didn’t feel any real love or connection here as a child. I remember having feelings of dread and panic like bad things were going to happen all the time. I didn’t really feel part of this family. I often wondered if they even liked me (the thoughts of the child). I also remember looking up to the sky because that is where I thought God lived and calling out to him to come to take me home, because deep inside I knew this place wasn’t home. I had forgotten about these feelings – but as I write the memory of that time is offering me the opportunity to look at it objectively and either release it or hold on!  Before discovering The Emerald Heart Light, connecting with such memories could be traumatic!

Fast forward in time

By the time I was 20, I had so much suppressed emotion it was scary. Yes I had the outward appearance of the fun-loving, compassionate and loving person, with a passion for helping others – but inside I had such rage it scared me. Well the passion to help others was more or less an addiction, an obsession even – which lead me into taking on the role of the caretaker and peace maker, born from something much deeper that I would later discover to be ‘self-hatred’ and it would seem what I encountered in my life is really reflecting self-hatred back to me.

I will share this experience as for me it was the most profound life changing one to date and has been a catalyst of so much.  Aged 21 I was privileged to become a mother – I would say this was the start of a connection so powerful words fail me. He was perfect, it was the happiest day of my life so far – nothing compares.  –The room radiated Love, love I never knew existed as we looked at each other for the first time – it was a magical moment in time. Jonathan brought with him many gifts to many people. He was full of love, life, joy and innocence like all new born’s. As he grew he was a very creative active and adventurous child with no real fear he had such a zest for life and so much to share with all who crossed his path. Gradually he changed when he became addicted to drugs as a teenager – our life together changed.  It was a challenging time for us. There was a part me that new I wouldn’t have him for long so I decided to appreciate the good and everything in between. In so many ways what challenged us deepened our love – we could be open and honest and explore life in all its facets not all was doom and gloom for there was so much learning to be done at a deep level and we always found laughter and always the love. We had around 4 years when he was free of drugs and he achieved a lot of his dreams and goals. Then on the 28thMay 2015 he passed away of a cardiac arrest – he laid down the earthy body and he left this lifetime behind and went home. Leaving so many memories behind but also in his passing I was free somehow – although it takes time to realise that in his passing there was a gift. In reflection of this experience I could have given up on life, many people would have, but deep within I knew there was deeper meaning in all that had just played out and that all would be revealed in time.

I could share many examples of awakening opportunities here– work I’ve been involved in and the many creative projects I have done, spiritual disciplines and teachers I have and do revere the list goes on. My many academic achievements are of no importance either as they have served their purpose. It was always my vision to encourage others to wake up to a peaceful way of being in this world which lead me down a path of many twists and turns for in truth we must first wake up to ourselves and embrace our own peace – which is the peace within. Life is but a teacher that offers us many challenges it can be in these challenges we can find who we truly are. I would say the many challenges I have encountered were so difficult I lost my true identity, I felt like a navigator without a compass or map – I was without direction – all sorts of diversions led me further from myself and deeper into emotional turmoil. That led to complete despair and isolation and burn out. A perfect place to start a new! At the end of the day what is most important is where I’ am now and what has reconnected me to my truth and light.

Previously I had explored different healing modalities and trained in a few, I had engaged with spiritual teachers, read spiritual books, meditation etc – all offered a temporary refuge offering varying frequencies of light and energy. As we progress and evolve along the spiritual path, these modalities become less effective, why? As we evolve and unfold spiritually we are guided to a higher vibration of light that matches our enfoldment, the journey of the evolving soul needs a teacher that can offer deeper understanding, guidance and tools that empower.

Transformation with The Emerald Heart Light

For me The Emerald Heart Light is offering me all of the above and more. Here I have found understanding guidance with compassion at a pace that resonates with my soul. When I first consulted with Tim I wasn’t sure what to expect I went into it with an open mind as I had nothing to lose.  I felt at ease almost immediately any anxieties quickly dissolved. We explored the many struggles I was experiencing – feelings of isolation feeling stuck in life unsure of what was happening or indeed what had led me to this stage in my life! Why did I feel the need to be all things to others yet leave me emotionally bankrupt? Why was life so difficult? And how could I really change? So many whys! In some way I thought all of this was my fault and that I was so damaged that there was no way back from this place I was stuck in. I knew in my heart there was purpose to all of this. Tim highlighted ‘I had created many meaningful ways of being useful in this world – what he helped me realise was although meaningful they no longer served me and that who I am was hidden from sight. This was true, as it reflected deep fears of not only my gifts but also feeling of unworthy of these gifts.  So the fears that were highlighted were ‘fear of not being good enough, fear of believing in myself and fear of loving myself. This was validation for me that this man knew what he was talking about as this revelation made total sense to me. It was in this moment also I knew how powerful The Emerald Heart Light is – The Light was revealing the truth from deep with my heart and I could relate to all of it. So the first essence that was offered to enable me to start to dissolve these fears was ‘Extreme Hate’ The reading for the essence gave offered such profound  clarity into life – it reflected back to me the truth of why I had arrived at my current destination – it is all part of the soul journey. If I had not chosen the emotions of complete abandonment, desolation, despair, anger, fear and sorrow – because I had felt these emotions deeply for a long time without understanding why I was starting to understand more fully why I had a longing to be an advocate for humanity and engaged in professions that I thought would support that. I now also realise that these professions helped me disguise my true light. In further consultations with Tim we uncovered other fears – Fear of being me, Fear of being here, Fear of standing in my power and Fear of not being free. Each time we uncovered a new fear we worked with and essences guidance and also Light Programmes – (I thought the light programme sounded like something from star wars ha but hey it certainly works) all have contributed to this journey into consciousness and each time also offering so much insight and personal development at deep soul level . This is a beautiful process in parts it’s scary when I’m working through stuff but I know it’s all part of a process. I am glad I reached out to connect with you Tim – you have been the light in the darkness and I appreciate all your support and encouragement.

Divine Plan Healing

I was very drawn to doing The Divine Plan Healing Training with Harriet – I did the training in beautiful Amsterdam 29thJuly 2017.  It has been a deeply profound spiritual experience to say the least. As we know The Divine Plan Healing System was gifted to us from Mary Magdalene. Since doing this attunement Mary has been offering insights/guidance – I thought at first it was due to me being opened up to the Light and that it would fade. In the first instance when doing the training she came through with Jesus saying “I am Mary of Magda”. It was a surprise to me as I had never herad her before; I have had many experiences however with Jesus since childhood and when I practiced healing. It was a surreal experience and questioned even the authenticity!  She next appeared when I returned home from Amsterdam while I was doing a self-healing, again with Jesus – she said “please do not doubt that you are receiving my guidance and yes you are worthy of this communion (they use old worldly language in parts) she continues to say “yes, of course some will doubt but you will overcome this doubt,  as you share my story” which story  I question – how can I share your story there is not a lot written about you – she says “fear not we will guide you”. She is indeed guiding me leading me to ancient texts of all sorts that she calls the “her hidden story”. I have researched others who channel her some authentic some not. She also talks about divine union and divine marriage the merging of the divine feminine and divine masculine and that she will offer guidance on how we can achieve such things. Mary clearly has a message she wants to share. Part of that message was about a training retreat in the Languedoc region of France which Harriet is now hosting this coming June. 9th– 14th These insights continue to come through in part she is offering me guidance for my own development in addition she is offering teachings that she would like to become a book and workshops etc. This may change as things develop and unfold. I continue to share with Harriet and Tim has also offered support with development of this – which is all amazing. So in space of one and half years with help of The Emerald Heart Light I have gone from being in place of being directionless and virtually burnt out to this place of feeling. I have more understanding and connection with life than I ever thought possible. I would go through it all again to be where I am now, I feel a stronger connection with God than I have ever known – at the end of the day this beautiful Light that Dave Ashworth had the courage to birth into this reality is God Consciousness in its purest form, it is so pristine – powerful yet gentle and nurturing, it brings me to my knees in awe. It’s hard to find words to explain how much I appreciate all that The Emerald Heart Light is and also the dedication that it’s taken to bring this beautiful light into the world.

Before starting this article I had a plan/structure of what I would cover and how long it would be – but I should have known better as when writing anything of a spiritual nature it does not flow in linear way – It is just not how guidance rolls I’m afraid. So, gone is the most of the original text yet again and taking its place is something that’s apparently evolving organically 🙂

Much Love

Loraine Mitchell  (Divine Plan Healer)