Power places

From an early age, I have been drawn to ‘sacred sites’ and areas of natural beauty, but have only recently felt it necessary to understand why that is. My interpretation of the term ‘sacred site’ would be a place where one can palpably feel the connection to nature and the Divine. Often these sites were used in the past as areas where priests/esses would connect to the wisdom of Mother Earth and the Ancestors of the land, for guidance and understanding. Ceremonies and rituals were often held at these power places where a ceremonial leader would ask for clarity and wisdom in dealing with day-to-day matters of the community, for assistance with crops, weather, protection for the tribe etc.

Nowadays most of these sites have been neglected and fallen into disrepair, as the once hallowed and revered landscape has been turned into a commodity and we appear largely to have lost that special connection we once had to nature and the divine.

These power places often have an other-worldly feel to them, a special timelessness that it’s difficult to feel elsewhere. Even if modern-day life has encroached on these sites, they generally still retain that special vibe.


These places are still used today by the few for both good and bad intent, but as the frequencies continue to ramp up, more and more people journey to these sites to pay homage and experience the special health giving properties of these areas. Spending time at these places can open one up to experience the more sensitive vibrations of nature. 

Earths Energetic Aspect

The Earth is an incredible living being, with a physical tangibility and a less obvious energetic aspect. We often hear about the metaphysical aspects of Ley lines, womb chakras, chakra points and nodes and these hidden aspects of our planet are as vitally
important to us and Mother Earth as the very rock we walk on. These special places were known to our ancestors and used by the shaman and ceremonial leaders of the time as access points or gateways to understand higher wisdom and co-create with nature. One may often find alternative health shops or creative schools located in these areas. If you are lucky enough to live in or close to these areas, your household may benefit from enhanced creativity and enlightened thought processes as you unknowingly tune in to the planetary wisdom. Mount Shasta in US and Glastonbury in UK are examples of power places that have spawned creative communities around them. 

Visiting a Site

Whenever I visit a site, I often feel into the place before I enter and show reverence to the place by not running into it initially. I sit or stand away on the outskirts and see what you can sense. After some minutes and if it feels right, I approach the site and maybe try to mentally communicate with any guardians there. Most active or slumbering sites have one of more guardians looking over the place. I also usually leave a little offering before entering as a way of saying thank you.

These sites always seem to have an echo from the past and I try to tune in to that history, feeling what went on there and the connection that was used for accessing the differing levels of consciousness each site offers.

Generally I leave the sites with a relaxed state of mind and part of me hopes that these areas will rub off on me, aiding my own creativity and connection to the planet.  

The Spring

This weekend I went for a forest walk and first lake swim of the season with my daughter and girlfriend. On the walk around the lake to find a good spot to swim, we visited a spring. Surrounded by trees and running into the lake some 100 meters away it’s a really magical spot and many people are drawn to go there, drink the waters and sit in the cool quiet glade contemplating life. Maybe that’s why we like to swim there, knowing the lake is fed by such a magical source. Sitting in that leafy glade, it’s almost as though time is standing still and it feels so relaxing as the centuries slip away and one begins to feel that deep connection to nature.

We all left the lake that day feeling more supported and both energized and relaxed. In this time of every increasing technology and modernization, these places have become so very important to help us not lose touch with nature’s synchronization and hidden wisdom.


Ian Mills

Teacher at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment