A unique opportunity to experience a New Light

Harriët Kroon

Working with the Emerald Heart Light can change our lives tremendously. I find this transformational Light a great ‘tool’ for overcoming my fears and challenges and over the years it has guided me to my talents, gifts and life mission. I had an extreme burnout which was also classified as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), when I found out about the Emerald Heart Light. At that time I had endured all kinds of therapies and I had come to the conclusion that regular health care did not have a solid solution for my health problems. On the other hand, homeopathy and all kinds of healing modalities did bring positive changes.

Skeptical about the Emerald Heart Light

It was the summer of 2011 when I tried my first Emerald Heart essence. I was very skeptical and had a lot of resistance against the Light, but to my surprise it opened my heart for healing and – more important – for myself. My True Self. Because of all kinds of fears and traumas, this True Self was so deeply hidden away inside of me, that I had completely lost contact with it. I thought I knew who I was, but I didn’t.

As I was extremely depleted and out of balance, it took many years to find balance again. With the support of my Emerald Heart Light Practitioner my energy system was repaired (chakras, auric levels, Earth Links), I found self-confidence again and I overcame the challenge to show my healing gifts to the world. At times it was an intense process, but always very rewarding.

Hundreds of essences

I have come to the conclusion that the more time and energy we dedicate to our development in the Light, the more we become Light. Since about 2012 I feel such a deep longing, call it urge inside of myself to release all that I do not longer need in this lifetime, that I constantly sweep all negative thoughts, fears and patterns out of my system with Emerald Heart essences and Light Programs. I must have taken hundreds of essences and dozens of Light Programs since my very first bottle. As a result, my life (self-esteem, friendships, work, etc.) has changed tremendously and still is changing in a way I could have never predicted.

A New Light was gifted

As a consequence of working intensively with the Emerald Heart Light for six years, to my own surprise I was opened up in the direction of the Divine Feminine. Suddenly I was gifted a New Light to bring into the world. In the spring of 2017 The Light of Mary Magdalene started to pour through my heart… Now, more than a year later, my channel is ready to serve others with this balming, feminine Light. At the bottom of this blog you will find an invitation to experience this New Light free of charge. But first I want to explain a bit more about this Light and its purpose.

Era of the Feminine Rebirth

As you might have noticed, we are living in the Era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Feminine power is on its return. You could call our time and age the Era of the Feminine Rebirth. The world we live in is craving for balance. More and more people are realizing that we can bring Mother Earth – including our individual lives – back to balance by bringing more feminine energies (yin) into our lives. Let me explain this first before I share more about the Light of Mary Magdalene.

Carte blanche for the yang forces

In the past millennia, humanity has looked down upon and neglected the receptive and inwards directed force of yin and thereby it allowed itself to be overtaken by the exploring and outwards directed force of yang. This attitude has given the yang forces carte blanche to become too extreme, even negative. Our planet is overtaken by an ego-driven way of life, based on an a craving for power and money – by men and women. Of course the yang force is not per-se negative. There is nothing wrong with exploration, power or money in itself, but the way in which it used is crucial. In general we see that exploration and power is used to manipulate, to expand aggressively, and that the greed for money is to fulfill egocentric needs.

Mother Earth’s burnout

Our extreme expansive, yang way of living has led to the end of healthy resources, the pure elements of which nature consist. The element of water is polluted (e.g. the invisible radiation of the Fukushima nuclear disaster); the wood element is rapidly facing its end (ancient forests, the lungs of our world are being destroyed); the element of earth is polluted (chemicals) and depleted (extreme mining); the element of air is facing its death by all pollution we constantly pour into it by smoking, driving, flying etc. Our extreme yang way of living not only leads to the end of the healthy resources, but also undermines our own physical balance. Mother Earth’s burnout is reflected by the increase of burnout as a human “disease”. In The Netherlands for example, the country where I live, nature is almost completely overtaken and employees are requested to be 100% productive during all their working hours, which has led to one of the highest rates of burnouts worldwide.

How do you nurture yourself, others and Mother Earth?

Time has come to embrace our yin aspects. We need to calm our yang lifestyle with our inward directed forces. How much self-care do you give yourself? How do you nurture yourself? How much quality time/love do you give yourself? You can ask these same questions in regard to your family, friends, the society you live in and last but not least, Mother Earth.

Mary Magdalene represents the Yin Force

Time has come to embrace a life-style in which we do not focus on the highest income and most expensive fashionable clothes, furniture and holidays anymore. Time has come to invite more love, care and compassion into our lives and this is where the Light of Mary Magdalene comes in. Mary represents the Yin Force. At one hand she represents the caring and the nurturing feminine qualities (She anointed Yeshua’s feet) and at the other hand she represents the feminine power (manifesting the life she wished to live in a severe patriarchal society). Mary’s Light is an important aspect of the Divine Feminine Force. Her Light coming through now is part of the Rise of the Divine Feminine, the Era of the Feminine Rebirth, of the “Divine Plan.”

Mary Magdalene Revival

I have noticed that since some decades ,all over the world books are appearing about Mary’s life. More and more people feel called to find the truth about her background and life path. This is of course not an easy task as most of the history left is oral tradition. I sense a Mary Magdalene Revival, not in a fashionista way, but as a true Rebirth. Some people publish channelings of Mary. Recently the movie “Mary Magdalene” reached the cinema –  it is the story of the last part of Jesus’ life, witnessed through the eyes of Yeshua’s closest disciple, and gives a good feel for what the life of this woman must have been like. Even the Vatican felt the call of the Divine Feminine. In 2016 pope Francis raised in a decree the liturgical celebration honouring St. Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast, and she is now hailed as The Apostle to The Apostles.

No relation with any church

I am not related to any church and my personal connection with Mary does not have a religious background. The opening of my heart for Her Light to come through was at first a complete shock for me. In the first half year, when I started to realise what was happening I struggled quite a bit, because I knew about the negative connotations around her name. The inner knowing that one day I would have to share with the world that She had picked my heart to offer Her Light to humanity, felt like a huge burden.

Channel David Ashworth

Of course I spoke with David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, about what was happening inside of me. He understood and explained many of physical sensations I was and am still going through – Her beam of Light has no intention at all to cease growing.

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Enough about my life and observations. What about yours?

Are you ready to live your life in a more gentle way? Are you ready to bring more ease and grace into your life? Would you like to balance your masculine and feminine qualities? If so, you are very welcome to participate in the upcoming Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. There are no costs involved. (And if you feel called to offer an exchange, I would be delighted to receive an email with your experience.)

Participating is very easy

Participating is very easy, it works just like the Emerald Heart Light Transmissions that you may have participate in:

  • Register at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org;
  • On Sunday the 22nd of July you pick a moment to receive Mary’s Light;
  • You may want to lay down or meditate, please do take your time;
  • The moment you set your intention to receive, Her Light will start to pour into your heart;
  • This day you may receive as often as you wish;
  • We have set up our Light Transmission in such a way that you don’t need to worry about the time zone from where it is transmitted. Mary’s Light will be available for you for 24 hours, from 00.00hrs early morning – 24hrs midnight, YOUR LOCAL TIME, wherever you are in the world;
  • Our Light Transmissions are open for all genders.


On Solstice Day, the 21st of June I offered the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. People from 25 countries participated and it was great to see this free event being shared on Facebook again and again. I will share a few amazing testimonial with you.

“Felt very strongly a feeling of being in the womb. Protected, peaceful & actually surrounded by a reddish, pink hue of light. Not ready to be thrown in to the maelstrom of life! So happy there!”

“I was seeing and feeling the pure love of Christ from a feminine aspect and am very humbled by it.”

“I had 2 sessions with Mary Magdalene. I could feel her energy very strongly in my heart. It was very peaceful.”

FYI, you can read extensive sharings about the very first Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on Facebook.

Any questions?

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to ask, you can reach me at


Download the event information

You can download the event information here and of course you may share this event with as many people as you like.


You can register now at MMLT@divineplanhealingschool.org or by clicking on the event on Facebook.

Please do let us know the place and country where you are based, so we know exactly to whom and where to send the Light to.

Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to “meeting” you in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission. Let’s bathe the whole world in Divine Feminine Light!

Many blessings,

Harriët Kroon

Elder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Channel of Mary Magdalene’s Light

Founder of the Divine Plan Healing School

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