4 Month Transformation Journey

Working with The Emerald Heart Light has awakened me to many things. Only last year, I participated in a life-changing 4-month course facilitated by Tim, and Jack named – A 4 Month Transformational Journey. Each month we received – a teaching an essence and an audio meditation, this course was powerful and profoundly transformational.

Letting Go of The Story

The second paragraph of our first teaching ‘letting go’ caught my eye inviting us to look at our life experiences as a ‘story’. I had never thought of my life experiences as a story before yet the more I explored this idea it started to make sense. When I felt deeper into my story, rather than viewing my life experiences as circumstantial it took on meaning and purpose. It became visual, vivid and animated, I started to imagine the situations, and characters as teachers.  I knew these stories were my creation or version of events that had happened long ago, but here they were alive and kicking and still powerful.  I tried to remain like an observer which wasn’t easy, because there was so much hurt and pain that I did not want to feel. Some of these stories were graphic, and l could see they were wrapped in beliefs, patterns, conditioning, grounded in fears, and entangled in deep emotions. Over the years I had explored ways of letting go through, affirmations, positive thinking etc, none of them offered long-lasting benefit, most of these processes focused on the mind/thoughts. I realised early on we are only touching the surface when working with the – “change your thoughts change your life model” it goes way deeper than the thoughts. Working with the Light has invited me to get out my thoughts and into my heart to feel and discover the root of the chaotic thinking that the mind produces.

Before our course began, I noticed I was thinking a lot about my past intimate relationships, I knew this was my higher self-inviting me to look at these relationships again, which I didn’t particularly want to do. Around two weeks before the course started a man called me, I had exchanged numbers with a while back, I didn’t know much about him, so I thought it would be nice opportunity to get to know him. The first phone call was brief, and he didn’t share that much about himself. We arranged to talk later in the week when we both had more time. He was chattier this time, I learned we shared similar interests, like me he enjoyed the outdoors, he was creative, and he was an environmentalist so, he was a pretty interesting guy and he had a good sense humour which always helps. He shared he had experienced quite a bit of loss in his life, he had lost a young child, and another child he didn’t see much of. He said he liked solitude as he found it quite difficult to be with people. To deal with his pain, he had used cocaine, he expressed he wanted to change he just didn’t know where to start. He said had stopped the cocaine but here was other dark stuff he was into (which I didn’t want to hear about). There was something charismatic and inviting about him; vulnerable even.


I started to wonder why had he appeared in my life now after having had my number for a about 6 months? After talking for a while, it turned out he was looking for committed relationship that was a wee bit dark for me. We wished each other well and parted ways. The days that followed left me feeling unsettled as he had shared quite deep stuff about his life and our conversations had also triggered emotions and memories from my past relationships. I started to see this was my higher self-bringing up what I needed to look at to allow me to understand things from a higher level without blame or judgement. I didn’t expect to I hear from him again, then he called me the day before our course started, (11:55 pm to be precise) asking me to meet him, saying he felt my Light could balance his darkness, (I hadn’t heard that one before) I thought to myself why is this happening now? Why is he saying things that felt familiar yet uncomfortable? I thought of his offer, and briefly considered it, thinking maybe he could change, I could help him to change, and we do have things in common, and he did say he likes me a lot, and feels connected to me, (it was crazy). In those few moments, I felt needed, wanted, important and good enough for someone.  Then I started to see the bigger picture, this was how a few of my relationships started out and lasted many years. I started to see that the subconscious was trying to hold fear in place through bringing up familiar feelings through nostalgic memories, feelings, and patterns It was fascinating as it all played out, the energetic pull I felt towards this man started to weaken. I realised that I had a choice to make, to either go back into old familiar dark patterns that seemed safe or stay in my Light. It wasn’t a difficult decision; I knew I had to say ‘no’ to something I had said ‘yes’ to in the past, within 10 minutes my mysterious dark stranger was gone. If I had chosen to enter into a relationship with him, I most likely would not be sharing this today.  In those moments to answer my earlier question I started to understand why he had appeared at this time– it was the perfect time for me to reflect on those parts of my story, and he was the perfect messenger that triggered that process.

So, everything my mysterious stranger brought to me wrapped up in thorns was a gift, and as I cut through the thorns and darkness there was Light.

Letting go with help from Mother Earth

Over the next four months through the Emerald Heart infused essences, teachings and meditations I experienced subtle shifts taking place within me. This letting go business is not automatic, I didn’t all of a sudden let go of all the stories, I learned it was an inner journey that needed a lot patience, understanding and the importance of entering into a place gratitude for the many people involved in my stories. Our course meditations were powerful and supported the inner journey. The second month into the course I started to feel a gentle loving presence with me. After meditation one morning this presence was very strong and It started to communicate with me, this is a process I’m familiar with, so it wasn’t scary for me. I kept quiet within, and I knew then it was the Earth Mother Consciousness and she had something to share, to help with this letting go process. It was a beautiful humbling experience. She was so loving, nurturing and gentle. I wrote everything down as if taking dictation and I was also given an illustration. I was guided to open my heart and feel the words and the colours which would raise my vibration or the vibration of anyone who I used this process. I shared earlier letting go is not automatic for sure – but if are we willing to allow ourselves to explore different processes that may work for us, then transformation, and evolution will be our reward.

Below is a what was given from the Earth Mother as a means to support me in my letting go. Connecting with the illustration has been a beautiful, moving experience, it offers deep insight and you feel her gentle loving presence supporting you. Through this I feel she is guiding us home to her, not only to let go of our personal stories, we have to look at our story with her. She is a living being who gives everything to all of us like any mother does for her child.  As she wrote through me, I could feel her sadness and longing for all us to recognise her as our Mother and share the same respect and Love she shares with all of us.

Below offers instruction of how to use them together, which works for me. You may find other ways of working with it that supports you.

When you allow yourself to let go and see past the illusion of the stories you have created, you enter into a place of truth, where you discover a different reality, one where you see past the deception of the many stories you have perpetuated. When your stories are playing out, the energy it takes to do that, plays havoc within all areas of your life – emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually. Yes, it can appear to be unsettling when you are in this process of letting go, and you may feel separated from anything familiar. Yet it lifts the restrictiveness you feel, freeing you from layers of darkness and offers you – flexibility and lightness liberating you on so many levels.  It is in this space you can create a new cycle. I share with you a process that when used regularly will uplift and connect you with Love and Balance. I reach out to all of you offering you a new yet ancient way of letting go.  It is through your intention you can connect me. I invite you to merge with my being through looking into the illustration, and words that are infused with love, – feel the love that I share with all of life. Connect through the words and colours – like daydreaming or meditating, falling into it and absorbing it into your being, in these prompts in the form of your human language you will connect with your true nature and become One with your Mother.

I am Home, I am Planet Earth, I am Your Mother, look upon your beautiful mother. Yes, I am home, yes, I am also known as – Mother Earth, Gia, The Goddess and many other names. When you look and feel deeper, I am so much more, I am the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You are also these elements all coexisting, with me your Mother. I am stable, grounded, loving, nurturing, I am creation. From my body the Earth I offers shelter in a storm comfort from my core, I share my warmth like a flickering fire. Coolness is, my breath the Air, and Love flows freely from my Spirit, my water – the Elixir of Life. So, look again at Mother not with your eyes but with your Heart – it is from here I call to you. Feel My heartbeat, my rhythm, my eternal song.  I invite you to come, and step into my flow, come be with me, for all of you are my children. Come, lay down your burdens, and be with your Mother, lay down your many stories let them go. I invite you to journey a new path where you can play, and pray, and create a new story with me your Mother”.









Love and Blessings

Loraine Mitchell (Emerald Heart Practitioner)

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash