A Personal Invitation from David Ashworth

David AshworthCircle of Light ‘Earth Healing Community’
is waiting for you – Join Now!

Circle of Light offers you membership of a world-wide spiritual community that is actively engaging in practical projects that bring about healing and personal evolution, uplifting ourselves and Mother Earth.

You can benefit from almost 30 years of my experience, knowledge and wisdom as a healer, geomancer and spiritual teacher, and also through the leading edge healing and evolutionary processes, programs, books, videos and teachings that I have brought forth for humanity.

I invite you to join Circle of Light and see where it takes you?

Earth Healing Community

About the Circle of Light Earth Healing Community
This Earth Healing Community has been birthed through Guidance from the Universe and the Earth Mother as there is no time to lose in helping her. She suffers and is overwhelmed but not perhaps from the obvious problems you think of, such as climate change and pollution. I will offer you teachings about her reasons for seeking help, and she will offer her Guidance so that we can help her to heal.  She will repay us with an exchange, as that is the Law by which she works.

Our Recent Earth Healing Event
The recent Spring Equinox Earth Healing event offered us an opportunity to come together as a world-wide healing community, held in the Divine Light that I have been given to bring Circle of Light into the world.

Everyone was Held in the Light for the Healing
Everyone is important to this project. As you joined the event you were held in the Healing Light for days as a preparation for the Earth Healing itself. This helps to open your heart and allows it to grow. The result of our joint effort was an amazing healing for the Earth Mother at many locations throughout the earth. We were able to back this up by sharing the results with the interactive on-line globe that people loved. There is a link at the bottom of the page if you didn’t have chance to play with the globe and see your location in the results.

The Birthing of Circle of Light
Working with the Universe and Earth Mother is such a sacred process and I have learned much about how their consciousness works. I look forward to sharing this Universal wisdom with you. Essentially, you don’t learn this work with your head, it is an experiential process that teaches you as your heart is filled with Light. The Light is the Teacher.

I look forward to Filling Your Heart with Light and sharing my experiences, knowledge and wisdom as we engage in these new Earth Healing events together. When you register for an event the Light will flow into your heart to uplift and prepare you.

Benefits of Circle of Light Membership
To begin with, I am asked to create a minimum of 4 major Earth Healing events per year at the Equinoxes and Solstices. Each event takes around 3 weeks to prepare you to receive the healing Light. Each healing event will then unfold for around 3 months.

IMPORTANT:  As a member, you do not need to join an event if you don’t want to. It is not compulsory and you can still benefit from some of the Teachings and Offers at no cost.

♥  At the moment you register for an Earth Healing event, the Light will be with you to help prepare you for the Healing. I will guide you each step of the way.

♥  At the moment the Earth Healing is initiated, the Light will pour through your heart into the Earth.

♥  From the moment of the healing you will be held in the Light and Energy for at least a week after the event. All in all, you will be held in the Light for about 4 weeks.

♥  With each event you will receive an Essence Vibration to the value of £15 to £20 free of charge. This will help both you and the Earth.

♥  There will be regular spiritual teachings, offers and opportunities.

♥  As we progress through the year, Guidance will bring us information to help us grow as individuals and become ever more effective in our Healing work.

♥  Each time you are held in the Light and Energy of an Earth Healing event it will assist your deeper spiritual development and the opening of your heart, bringing clarity of purpose to your life-path.

♥  You will be the first to know when Guidance brings forth something new. For example, I already know that there are deeper Teachings to come, for those who wish to take advantage.

♥  For those who are interested, there will be a closed group Facebook Page where you can interact and learn. There is no pressure to join this group, but it is there as a kind of solid foundation if you wish to use it. Don’t see this as Facebook but as our sacred group. Facebook merely provides the platform for us to be with each other.

Sharing opens many people’s hearts and also teaches you through reading other people’s experiences. It is a very valuable tool for self-development and you will learn more about this as we move forward.

Many of you wrote to me after our first event to share how you had been uplifted by the Light. As we move forward, you will find that you will be able to receive ever more Light for an event, becoming an increasingly valued individual by the Earth Mother for your dedication and contribution. Please don’t underestimate your importance and what you can achieve.

… and who knows where this will take you?

Membership Details and Exchange
It is the Light of the Universe that is creating this Community, which is based on the Universal Laws. I am just the guide and bringer of the Light. You don’t so much learn The Laws as become the Light of them as you develop. It is because of The Laws that there must be an exchange. Nothing can flow in the universe without an exchange. You will learn more about this in time.

Join David Ashworth’s Circle of Light
Earth Healing Community below

Membership is £42.00 per year
renewable on 1st July each year.

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Next Earth Healing Event

Our Next Earth Healing Event is on Summer Solstice, 21st June 2019
Our next Earth Healing event will be on The Summer/Winter Solstice, only a few weeks away. (Summer for those of us in the north and winter for those in the south of the planet)

Registration for Members begins around the 1st of June 2019.
The personal preparation of your heart to carry the Light into Mother Earth will begin around 8th June as we build up to the Earth Healing event on Friday 21st June 2019.

Once you are a member of Circle of Light you can register to be a part of the Earth Healing event.

Joining Earth Healing Events
As a member, you will have the opportunity to join any Earth Healing events that call to you. You can join them all, or just those that appeal to you or are convenient at the time.

When you choose to join any Earth Healing event, a donation is requested to align with the Universal Laws that allow us to bring Circle of Light into the world. This donation helps cover costs and time in organising the event.

A minimum suggested donation of £7.00 per event.

Evolutionary Community
As Circle of Light unfolds, I have also been asked to create an additional group called Circle of Light Evolutionary Community. This will be for those wishing to seriously begin to unlock their heart and deeper consciousness. It will offer more opportunities for growth and expansion. It is an exciting prospect to wonder what the Universe will bring to this group. This will come later though.

First things first. I have been guided to create the Earth Healing Community first as there is no time to waste in bringing Light and Healing to Mother Earth. It is already up and running with more than 100 Founder Members.

I hope you find this Invitation interesting and a valuable opportunity.

I invite you to join me and the Founder Members to bring healing to Mother Earth and ourselves.

Please don’t underestimate what you can achieve when LIght is poured into your heart.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.


Your Personal Invitation to Join David Ashworth’s Circle of Light Earth Healing Community.

Click here to Join Circle of Light Earth Healing Community

Membership is £42.00 per year
renewable on 1st July each year.

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