Emerald Heart Light

Join me in Celebration!

12 Weeks of Light poured into your Heart!
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I invite you to join me for a Whole Year of Celebration!

In this first Celebration of the Light you will receive a FREE Emerald Heart Essence.

A Little History
The Emerald Heart Light was presented to me in January 2005. From then I had to learn what it was and how to use it. In simple terms…

            It is a Light that opens your heart

During these 15 years, almost 3,500 people who have received a Connection to the Light, many of them returning regularly to gain additional help, guidance and upliftment in their lives.

A Light Program
The 12 week connection is traditionally called an Emerald Heart Light Program. In simple terms it is a bit like pouring a bowl full of beautiful evolutionary light into your heart. As the light is poured in, then your Higher Self begins to use it to help you unlock your heart, your evolution, your healing in whatever it deems the best way to serve you in the moment.

The Flow of Light
The Light flows to you from two sources, Firstly through my heart and secondly directly from Universal Consciousness.

The Light is also carried in the essences. Through guidance and over a period of 20 years, I have created dozens of essences to help people unlock their hearts and progress their evolution. It is these essences that opened me so that I could receive the Emerald Heart Light in the first place.

The Universe knows who you are…
and Why You are Here!
The Program is literally guidance from Heaven poured into your heart to open and guide you towards your destiny.

This Light is The God-consciousness and it serves you its beautiful truth. However, it takes time for you to be able to see and understand that truth for the simple reason that Universal Consciousness thinks and functions totally differently to human consciousness. As this Light awakens your own Light in your heart you go slowly transform into this higher form of consciousness.

How the 12 Week Program Works
The Light begins to work with you the moment you register. It is instant and is poured into your heart for the first 28 days. It then continues to unfold for about sixteen weeks in all. Below is a guide to the way that it tends to work.

1. As the Light builds up in your heart over the first 28 days, your Higher Self begins to focus it on awakening your awareness of anything that needs to change in your life.

2. At the same time, the Light will seek out and dissolve any form of energy that prevents your consciousness from unfolding and evolving. The Light creates movement in your consciousness and a  cleansing of your energy system.

3. Somewhere around 7 weeks into the Program you tend to go through a vibrational shift.  This can be sudden and you feel it clearly, or it can creep up on you. Then you often begin to feel and notice that something is different about you but often you can’t really say what it is. It is just a knowing.

An Emerald Heart Program absolutely guarantees a vibrational shift at some level. A vibrational shift is when your fundamental vibration changes and your chakras begin to spin more quickly raising your consciousness. This is practical evolution in action.

4. As your vibration increases, it can’t ever go backwards again. The universe only does Evolution, not Devolution! It is a one way journey towards enlightenment. The Light continues to guide your consciousness towards awakening to change, both inner and outer. The driving aspect of the Light comes to a completion around 12 weeks from the start of the Program.

5. After 12 weeks, the remaining Light then tends to focus on bringing you into the balance and flow of your newly raised vibrational state. The Universe will always try to help you see how you have changed. A very common way is that the Universe speak through others to you. They will often ask “What is different about you?” or “What has changed about you?” What they sense is your vibrational shift. Also, you usually feel much lighter and freer than before.

EH Light Essence

A FREE £20.00 Essence
with each 12 Week Connection!

I am not allowed to discount the value of a Light Program as it is a sacred process governed by Universal Laws, but what I can do is offer you a FREE Emerald Heart Light Essence for those who might wish to take this offer. The Essence adds a Driving Energy to the Process. This opens the inner doors of your heart for the light to move forward more quickly, easily and deeply, so you get much more from the program.

Let’s Celebrate together for a Whole Year
I hope you will join me at the beginning of this year long Celebration of The Emerald Heart Light. You have this great opportunity to help change the world by changing yourself from within. By carrying more light in your heart.

I am here to help you.
Any questions, please email me at dave@davidashworth.com

With my Deepest Love and Blessings,


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Offer closed 3rd February