Can you feel the Universal energies of New Beginnings bringing change to your life? For us, it brought an exciting shift: Alexandra Meyn took over Harriët Kroon’s role as the Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System. Harriët described what happened and why.

Celebrating the new development in three countries.
Top: Alexandra Meyn (left, Germany), Harriët Kroon (the Netherlands).
Bottom: Lynne Shaw (Colombia).

The year 2020 started with fiery, promising energies and then a few months later the whole world suddenly was set on hold. Personally, I had to cancel a retreat in Israel, an Emerald Heart meeting in Munich and a visit to my sister in Australia. The global Covid-19 situation forced us all to stand still, look inwards and re-evaluate our lives. Some lost their jobs and needed to reinvent themselves.

The influence of the Universal energies of New Beginnings
Did you notice that in September we entered the Universal energies of New Beginnings? Perhaps you took the opportunity to participate in our special Focused Formula with the same name. For myself, this Emerald Heart Focused Formula brought a big and exciting shift in my life, which peaked on the 29th of September. That day the Light prompted me to hand over The Divine Plan Healing System to my dear colleague and Divine Plan Teacher Alexandra Meyn. She gracefully accepted the gift and now she may call herself the Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System. I am so thrilled that this exquisite healing tool is in perfect hands! I can now fully focus on my new life mission, developing self-help programs with The Mary Magdalene Light.

How does handing over a healing system work?

You might think, how can you hand over a Healing System? Well, I didn’t know that it was possible, until six years ago, when I went through the same experience as Alexandra is now. Let me explain. In August 2013, my other dear colleague and Emerald Heart Practitioner Lynne Shaw received The Divine Plan Healing System, a completely new paradigm in healing. It serves the healers and their clients with a mixture of The Emerald Heart Light and the loving energies of Mary Magdalene. Divine Plan Healing has proven to be the ultimate tool for self-support and personal evolution. It is also magical in finding clarity on one’s life mission – which explains the name ‘Divine Plan’.

Lynne and David Ashworth, the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light, laid a solid foundation for this unique healing modality by creating a manual and teaching it all over Europe. After this phase, Lynne was shown her next step in life, part of her personal Divine Plan. This would require her full attention, and therefore she entrusted her healing system into my hands. The forwarding encompassed an energetic process of a few years from Lynne and the Universe in which all Divine Wisdom and Information about this new healing modality was gradually seeded into my heart. This is the sacred process Alexandra is now experiencing too.

Lynne and her partner Hernando moved from New York to Colombia. They are now the guardians of sacred land and are creating a retreat centre based on sacred geometry.

Lynne Shaw and her husband Hernando on their finca (farm) in Colombia.

How does serving a healing system work?
During the past six years, I have served the Divine Plan Healing System with all my heart and life. At first, it took me months to overcome the shock of having become the Heart of a healing system which has the potential to become as widespread and known as Reiki. I soon found my balance and enjoyed the ride with every cell of my body. I gave countless trainings, events and healings to people on nearly all continents – a lot of it remotely. When I look back, I can only now see what my pioneering task was: I had to bring this healing system to a level that initiates can make it their profession.

  • In 2016 The Divine Plan Healing School was founded
  • The school developed a website, Facebook page and Instagram page
  • Three levels of teaching were developed (beginners, advanced healing techniques and teachers) with each a comprehensive manual, available in English, Dutch and German
  • We organized Divine Plan events and retreats in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands
  • In April 2019, the school was registered by the Dutch Central Registry for Short Professional Education (CRKBO)

Alexandra assisted the Divine Plan Retreat in the south of France in many ways (June 2018)

How my Divine Plan unfolded when I was the Heart
Of course, the school will continue to exist and serve its purpose, but with another principal. Personally, I will keep on teaching and offering healings – as long as the Universe wishes me to, for change is the only constant in life. When I was the Heart of our healing system, it opened me up for a new life mission, just like how it did with Lynne.

The Divine Plan Healing System sure brings forth miracles. The healings are empowering and transformative, but being trained aligns you even more with your own, personal Divine Plan.

In hindsight, carrying The Divine Plan Healing System must have been an apprenticeship, preparing me for something that this girl from a village in the middle of nowhere could have never imagined. In the summer of 2018, my heart burst open and started to bring forth a new spiritual Light. It came with a name: The Mary Magdalene Light. This pure and feminine Light helps men and women alike, to embrace our feminine qualities so we can become balanced beings, whole, and safe within ourselves. It helps us stepping into our sovereignty, which in turn gives others permission to find that place of balance and security within themselves.

This Golden Flower image represents The Mary Magdalene Light

If you are interested in receiving training or healing, check our webpage listing all active Divine Plan Healers and Teachers. Wherever you are in the world, we serve you remotely through online video (Zoom or Skype). If you want to know more about Alexandra Meyn or contact her, visit her website.

I wish my passionate successor a magical journey as the Heart of the Divine Plan Healing System.

With my heartfelt love,

Harriët Kroon

Brief history of the main figures in the Divine Plan Healing System

In January 2005, David Ashworth channeled The Emerald Heart Light into the earth’s realms.

  • Original Channel of The Emerald Heart Light
  • Founder of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment
  • Wrote seven spiritual books
  • Offers Darshan (Divine Blessing)
  • Founder of The Circle of Light (worldwide earth healing community)
  • Earth Doctor

Contact David

In 2009 Lynne Shaw became an Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner and in 2011 an Emerald Heart Program Practitioner.

  • Birth mother of The Divine Plan Healing System (2013)
  • Custodian of La Finca Magdalene in San Agustin, Hulia, Colombia (2018)
  • Facilitator of Healing Journeys on sacred lands. (2019)

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In 2012 Harriët Kroon trained as an Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner and Emerald Heart Program Practitioner. From 2014-2020 she was the Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System.

  • Founder of The Divine Plan Healing School
  • Teacher of Emerald Heart Practitioners
  • Principal Light Carrier of The Emerald Heart Light
  • Original Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light

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In January 2013 Alexandra Meyn trained as an Emerald Heart Essence Practitioner and in July 2014 as an Emerald Heart Program Practitioner.

  • Theta Healing Teacher
  • Divine Plan Healing Teacher
  • Teacher of Emerald Heart Practitioners
  • Heart of The Divine Plan Healing System

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