Lost? Yes, Sometimes I become lost!

Sometimes the Light confuses me, or perhaps it just takes me into dark places so that I can see what is in there?

Sometimes the Light confuses me, and I forget who I am and lose the guidance of my own heart.

Sometimes I think that nothing I can say is going to be enough to help save humanity, when I see that the greater whole is lost also.

But then something stimulates my heart. A few words or an idea is given to me and then I feel that I am fully connected again and have something useful to share.

My friends Yves Nagar and his partner, Eunjung Choi sent me the words of a Hopi Prophesy. The words kindled a spark within my heart that then helped re-awaken my focus and passion. Of course, they are not my own words but sometimes you read something that says it much better than you can yourself. So, today, I will share the words that Yves sent me and then see is there anything that I can add myself.

A Hopi Prophesy

‘We were told that we would see America come and go. In a sense, America is dying, from within, because they forgot the instructions of how to live on earth.

It’s the Hopi belief, it’s our belief, that if you are not spiritually connected to the earth, and understand the spiritual reality of how to live on earth, it’s likely that you will not make it.

Everything is spiritual, everything has a spirit, everything was brought here by the creator, the one creator. Some people call him God, some people call him Buddha, some people call him Allah, some people call him other names. We call him Tunkaschila… Grandfather.

We are here on earth only a few winters, then we go to the spirit world. The spirit world is more real than most of us believe.

The spirit world is everything. Over 95% of our body is water. In order to stay healthy, you’ve got to drink good water. … Water is sacred, the air is sacred.

Our DNA is made out of the same DNA as the tree, the tree breaths what we exhale, we need what the tree exhales. So, we have a common destiny with the tree.

We are all from the earth, and when the earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create its own reaction. The mother is reacting.

In the Hopi prophecy, they say the storms and floods will become greater. To me, it’s not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes.

It’s not negative, it’s evolution. When you look at it as evolution, it’s time, nothing stays the same. You should learn how to plant something. That is the first connection.

You should treat all things as spirit, realize that we are one family. It’s never something like the end. It’s like life, there is no end to life.”

Floyd Red Crow Westerman

They forgot the instructions of how to Live on Earth

I am not sure when Red Crow spoke those words above, but he left this world in 2007 and much has changed since then.

The Hopi Prophesy above led me to google a few things, which then led me, as google does, down many pathways of hearing Red Crow speak and sing his truth. I have always been able to see deeper truth for what it is, when other people see the surface story, but Red Crow opened my eyes to seeing some things in ways that I had not seen them before, which I am grateful for.

It was those key words in his first paragraph that hit me:

They forgot the instructions of how to live on Earth

Living on Earth

Of course, many of us are aware that everything has a spirit, or indeed, that we are spiritual beings taking an excursion into human life, which is limited by many things, and if all goes well, we get quite a few years to try and get things right in this human life. As long as we are trying to learn then we are supported by the greater whole. If we fail to get things right, then usually, life is cut short as we are re-called to our greater life in spirit, debriefed and shown where it all went wrong for us.

I tend to relate the nature of spirit to atoms on a certain level. There is the nucleus and around it the electrons spin. It is a whole universe of positive and negative polarities or opposites, which hold each other in balance. There are forcefields holding each atom together but most of it is made up of empty space, or is it? I have always seen the so-called empty space as where consciousness lives, holding the balance together. Where science used to think there was nothing is where I always saw Universal Consciousness or God-consciousness.

Bringing this image back into our everyday reality, all is made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles. They are all bonded together to form a certain structure, like a growing tree, for example and the consciousness in all those atoms makes up the individual spirit of the tree. Different atoms form different trees. Different atoms form different people. How we treat the consciousness within our atoms guides us into who we become.

As you know, we can change our nature. We can change from the make-up we were born with into something better. It is called evolution. We evolve and we can do this through thinking, observing, studying, relaxing, meditating, doing, but most of all, just being spiritually awake and aware.

When everything gets ‘dumbed down’, then the consciousness in our atoms becomes less intelligent and eventually, we may just forget the instructions of how to live on Earth.

Some time ago I wrote about how America would be the first modern country to collapse and melt down because nothing is real there. People are living a disconnected life and being disconnected will ultimately put ourselves in peril. As Red Crow says, ‘if you don’t understand the spiritual reality of how to live on earth, it’s likely that you will not make it.’ Here, he is speaking about a whole culture, not just the individual.

When a whole culture or country becomes disconnected, it is like a great ship that has lost its sails and rudder and is at the mercy of the elements. At that point, all on board her are at the mercy of forces they cannot control and the elements can have little mercy for fools who have lost the instructions.

Now is a time to hope that the Light in a man’s or woman’s words might strike a spark in your heart so that you can see the truth of what we are a part of. For some of us, it is not a pretty sight but nevertheless, we are a part of it and all we can do is our best. Never stop doing your best because it is observed and rewarded.

A Time of Purification

I have been aware that this is a time of purification for some years. I have been pushed through many aspects of purification myself. Deep purification and healing, laying down and letting go of old things, not just of this lifetime. Cleansing of life’s mistakes and atonement of things done without considered thought.

I have been aware of the need for the purification of others and I have seen them grow through the process. I have seen the Universe pour gifts into them as a result of their purification process and have seen great change and growth within them.

The Earth is Purifying itself too

Mother Earth is changing quickly, as we know. This isn’t news any longer but there can be few who have not seen it as being so. Therefore, we have a choice. In fact, we have many choices every day and if we make the right choices from these opportunities, then we are blessed by the greater consciousness that attempts to guide us each and every step we take.

The Spark of Life

Whenever we share a few words, a song or poem, if they come from a place of truth or passion within the light in our hearts, then that spark will continue to pass from one to another.

I wrote to my friend Yves to thank him for the spark that I was waiting for in the Hopi Prophesy above, helping bring me back into focus where I was perhaps wandering aimlessly. He responded that it was my piece recently about the Eskimos calling us ‘The People who changed nature’ that was the spark that stimulated him to send it. What goes around comes around. Keep pushing the circle and we will all benefit because none of us are separate.

And so, the sparks fly and touch dry tinder, and the dry tinder bursts into passionate flames; and the flames warm and illuminate those who feel them; and the light continues to grow and flow into the hearts of all those who seek to be a part of something greater than the mundanity of every-day life.

Circle of Light

…and all of these words above are why our Earth Mother brought me the Circle of Light. Plus of course, because I understand and I am connected with her. From my earliest times I was with the Earth, playing on the Earth. Then after my awakening, the Earth guided me and took me deeply into her. The Father continued to pour ever-more Light into me and at a certain point I went through great pain as our Earth Mother called to me to begin the Earth Healing with Circle of Light.

Then the Circle of Light Earth Healing process would help people connect with the Heart of their Mother and she would support them.

To become more deeply connected to the Spirit of Everything.

To become a greater part of the whole.

And to ensure they grow in stature and understanding.

You may think that our Earth Healing events that occur four times a year are not very much to offer, but in fact, at the level the Light serves us, it would be too much for most people’s systems to do more. It certainly proved so with my own system. It really does take us a couple of months to grow from the event and then balance out for the next one.

The Circle of Light is our Earth. The humble atom is circular. Most things go round in cycles or circles as that is how it holds the energy together. When we are a part of Circle of Light, then we are being guided by the Light of Universal Consciousness and the Energy of Mother Earth to understand that we are important to the greater picture of life. In exchange for bringing ourselves to the Earth Healing party, we are supported in many ways in return, especially in the process of the Healing work, when we are opened to become a bridge between the Masculine and Feminine of the Universe and Earth.

We are Gardeners of Light

When we engage in our Circle of Light Earth Healing we allow our hearts to be used to pour Light into Mother Earth. This is like watering a plant. Without water, the plant dies. Nature waters them with rain, or if we grow a plant from seed, we must nurture it with good water.

More importantly, it is like we are giving the Kiss of Life to a dying patient. We allow our hearts to be used for the Universal Father to pour his light through us and into the Sacred Mother, in order to save her.

When we engage in our Earth Healing we bring the nutrients that our Mother needs, in order to heal herself. We bring Light through our hearts that then feed her heart.

That is why we are members of Circle of Light. We are gardeners, caring for the greatest plant of all, our Earth.

The best place to be is in gratitude to the spirit in everything, until we understand the ways in which we are blessed.

With my Deepest Love and Blessings.

David Ashworth

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David Ashworth
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